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Why not join the LIVE course, we meet each Monday at 7 p.m. ( London ) and travel live on a Shamanic Journey to each Dragon of the Rune. Course includes a set of the Phyiscal Runes.

Meet the Dragon of the Runes - Twenty-Seven Dragon

The Shamanic Journeys to the Dragons of the Runes are £8.88 each or you can purchase all twenty-seven for the discounted price of £88.88.

This is the place to purchase the Twenty-Seven Rune Journeys.

1 Rainbow Dragon 
2 Chakra Dragon 
3 Water Dragon 
4 Air Dragon - Wind
5 Fire Dragon - Fire
6 Earth Dragon - Earth
7 Spirit Dragon - Spirit
8 North Dragon - North
9 East Dragon - East
10 South Dragon - South
11 West Dragon - West
12 Mind Dragon - Mind
13 Soul Dragon - Soul
14 Body Dragon - Body
15 Aura Dragon - Aura
16 Iron Dragon - Iron
17 Wood Dragon - Wood
18 Stone Dragon - Stone
19 Crystal Dragon - Crystal
20 Ice Dragon - Ice
21 Lava Dragon - Lava
22 Gold Dragon - Gold
23 Silver Dragon - Silver
24 Copper Dragon - Copper
25 Diamond Dragon - Diamond
26 Meteorite Dragon - Meteor 
27 BLANK - Infinite

You can also purchase the Runes of Dragons PDF here or the Printed Book version on Amazon, and the Physical Runes sets too. 


As a Shamanic practitioner, I can assist you with many areas of your life, before you book a session please ensure you read the consent page { Click Here

My international clients often talk about having deep anxiety, long-term illness, such as Fibromyalgia, wanting to meet the beings they knew as a child, feeling lost in life, needing to feel more in their bodies and here rather than in their heads all the time, many talk of an overthinking mind


I can assist you with the healing energy that Shamanism taps into

A few of the areas I can assist with are :

1. Meet your spirit guides, maybe your Guardian Angel or a Power Animal, such as a Dragon

2. Call back a part of your soul that fragmented off to save itself during a traumatic experience

3. A full Mind, Body & Soul healing session to send healing energy to the issue(s)

4. A full energy-clearing journey, to reset you fully anew

5. A cleanse, and re-alignment of your chakras, so you can feel more grounded and balanced

6. A multi-level aura cleansing, to leave you feeling refreshed

And many others, that we can discuss.


You can book a session with me here, pay with your Paypal account or use a Credit Card on the payments page

Once you have paid, you will see a booking page and I will also send you an email to verify the purchase and your booking time and a link to join me on a video call

Speak soon



All sessions are in person over a video (zoom) call, I can see you in person if in Devon, England.


Reiki Master | Shamanic Healer & Teacher

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Guiding Compassionate Healers to Mastery, Empowering their Merging of Modalities, Awakening their Healer & Entrepreneur, to Live in Joyous, Abundant Service.