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Dragon Runes ( Product & Course ) - One Payment

Dragon Runes Product & Course

This purchase buys the 27 Physical Runes and access to the Weekly Meet the Dragon of the Rune, the Dragon Runes course which explains each Dragon Rune and its associated artwork and how to work with each Dragon Rune. 

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Remember to decide if you want your physical runes in Rainbow Aluminium (RA) or Wood (W)

In this course, you will learn about the 27 dragon runes, their meaning, and how combining them can create powerful dragon magic.

As you learn about each of the runes, you will gain insight into the different aspects and elements of dragons, such as light, energy, life, wind, fire, earth, spirit, and more.

We will explore how these Runes can be used to bring good luck, protection, guidance, and knowledge to the user.

So get ready to unlock the power of the 27 Dragon Runes!

The weekly meeting is over Zoom and is at 7 p.m. London each Monday for 28 weeks, starting on 2nd October 2023, all calls are recorded for replay.

We have here for you, Twenty-Seven runes, each depicting an Elemental Dragon and is magic, power, abilities, and meaning for you: 

  1. Rainbow Dragon - Light
  2. Chakra Dragon - energy
  3. Water Dragon - Life
  4. Air Dragon - Wind
  5. Fire Dragon - Fire
  6. Earth Dragon - Earth
  7. Spirit Dragon - Spirit
  8. North Dragon - North
  9. East Dragon - East
  10. South Dragon - South
  11. West Dragon - West
  12. Mind Dragon - Mind
  13. Soul Dragon - Soul
  14. Body Dragon - Body
  15. Aura Dragon - Aura
  16. Iron Dragon - Iron
  17. Wood Dragon - Wood
  18. Stone Dragon - Stone
  19. Crystal Dragon - Crystal
  20. Ice Dragon - Ice
  21. Lava Dragon - Lava
  22. Gold Dragon - Gold
  23. Silver Dragon - Silver
  24. Copper Dragon - Copper
  25. Diamond Dragon - Diamond
  26. Meteorite Dragon - Meteor 
  27. BLANK - Infinite