Tiered pricing ( £8.88 *minimum )

Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024

This time the summit will be TWENTY-FOUR LIVE Speakers, over a full day starting on Sunday 21st July 2024, and forty-four speakers in total.

The *fee of £8.88 ( approx $10 ) is the minimum charge for those who might be finding the times tough financially, for those with abundance the fee is open to your discretion, the fee gives you full access to the LIVE over ZOOM Summit and all 2023 and 2024 replays.  { suggestion is £ 22.22 through £ 88.88 }

If you prefer you can pay using Eventbrite ticketing ( click here) The small fee gives you access to the LIVE call and all FORTY-FOUR of the recordings of the speaker talks, they will be available in the Dragon Portal, which you can access whenever you need a Dragon fix :) - that just 20p a speaker - a TOTAL Bargain!

We start with the hosts in Australia and we will hear from 8 speakers, each has a 45-minute slot and a 15-minute break between each speaker (which could be used for Q&A too ).

We then hand it over to the hosts in England and we will hear from 8 speakers and then we hand it over to the host in the U.S.A. and we will hear from 8 more speakers.

As last year we will have several pre-records from speakers too ( in 2023 we have 11 Live speakers and 19 on recordings ).

All these 2024 speakers, along with last year's recordings, will be available for you to watch in the Dragon Portal, which you'll have access to once you register here. 

You will be automatically included in the LIVE Zoom call, of course, you do not have to attend you can watch the replays at your leisure.

Replays will be available for the foreseeable future. 


These start times are all in London ( BST - United Kingdom) times - see here your local World time

21st July 2024 - At the very beginning of the day - BST London ( British Summer Time )
0.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Hosts for Australia time zone ( 9.30 a.m. Local time - AEST )
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #1 - Lily Li
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #2  - Fabiene Lui
3 a.m. Guest Speaker #3 - Alina Luminița Mocan
4 a.m. Guest Speaker #4  - Caryn O'Malley
5 a.m. Guest Speaker #5 - Dean Bottles
6 a.m. Guest Speaker #6  - Siddhii Shaah
7 a.m. Guest Speaker #7  - Madalena Morbey 
8 a.m. Guest Speaker #8 - Alessandra Gilioli
9 a.m. Close & Handover to England

9.30 a.m. BST - Introduction with Kevin Humphrey & Nicola Brettell-Smith Hosts in England ( BST-UK ) 
10 a.m. Guest Speaker #9 - Atlantis Wolf
11 a.m. Guest Speaker #10 - Jason Donaldson
Noon Guest Speaker #11 - Kieran Morgan
1 p.m. Guest Speaker #12 - Virginie Lafon
2 p.m. Guest Speaker #13 - Vinolan Ponnan
3 p.m. Guest Speaker #14 - Prenisha Arumugam
4 p.m. Guest Speaker #15 - Alphedia Arara
5 p.m. Guest Speaker #16 - Caroline Mitchell
6 p.m. Close & Handover to America's

6.30 p.m. BST - Introduction with Barbara Worsley & Kelley Springer Hosts in USA  ( 1.30 p.m. Local time - EDT )
7 p.m. Guest Speaker #17 - Amanda Boekhout
8 p.m. Guest Speaker #18 - Peter Dressler
9 p.m. Guest Speaker #19 - Kelley Springer 
10 p.m. Guest Speaker #20 - Galactic Ashley
11 p.m. Guest Speaker #21 - Theresa Nguyen
Midnight Guest Speaker #22 - Carol Weakland 
1 a.m. Guest Speaker #23 - Alison Kay 
2 a.m. Guest Speaker #24  - Luna Ra Starshine
3 a.m. Close

3.30 a.m. Dragon Thunder 2024 LIVE Ends 


Who's videos will be available for replay in the Dragon Portal from 21st July 2024; you will gain access to the Dragon Portal when you register for the summit, the Dragon Portal is a web link and it is also available from the App Store as Kajabi

  • Anu’Shé~Ra
  • Katara Sky
  • Andena Sananda Kumara
  • Gayatri Singh 
  • Araya AnRa
  • Fiona Robertson
  • Mike Totton
  • Richard Harrison
  • Dina Ziskin-Fortune
  • Adriana Castano
  • Lawrence Valencia
  • Aodaoin Hathaway
  • Sandra Pelley
  • Denise Chadwick 
  • Michelle Hawk
  • Annabelle Merriman 
  • Casca Graham
  • Vivyana
  • Yumiko Asakura
*I have kept the entry-level fee as low as feasible, and as suggested by a lady in the Dragon Thunder Facebook, offered a tiered fee, the fee will pay for the Dragon Portal platform, and hosting of the summit costs, much of that being my time to organise. If you cannot afford the minimum fee please let me know, by >>> clicking here <<<,  as I have several FREE places as the Dragons do NOT want the fee to be a gateway to accessing this beautiful knowledge. Please use this free access only if you are truly not able to pay the £8.88 - the Dragons prefer honesty :)