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You can also get the deeply Shamanic Self Study version of the currently running 'Mystical You' course, to remember you're Magic and start your journey into the Magical and Mystical world of Shamanism.

Healing Rituals Bundle

Special OFFER on my healing rituals & meditations

All these powerful rituals and meditations and shamanic healings for the incredible price of £29.99  [ in dollars $35.75* ]

Grab yours today and start enjoying your Energy REVITALISATION, feeling REFRESHED, find your MIND stopping its overthinking, and SLEEP Deeper and restoratively.

My bundle of healing rituals will assist you, grab them here now

I'm also offering the self-study version of the currently running 'Mystical You' course, where students are remembering their magic and connecting with spirit guides, and remembering their Shamanic roots.

To read more about the self-study course Remember You're Magic, click here.

The Healing Bundle covers:

  1. Chakra Cleanse Ritual that takes you on a journey to Egypt and the Nile { Healing & Cleansing }
  2. Four elements Shamanic Meditation { Healing }
  3. Shamanic Meditation to Tranquility Garden { Relaxation }
  4. Shamanic Drum Frequency { Healing }
  5. Healing the Ancestral Wound, a collaboration with my friend Karen ( Akashic records messenger) { Healing past Trauma }
  6. Angelic Healing with Rose-Marie from Sweden { Healing and Relaxing }
  7. Wise and Wild Women - Annabelle from France living in Australia shares her Shamanic healing ritual { Healing }
  8. Etheric Gardens Healing with Rose-Marie ( Wise elder ) { Healing & Relaxing }
  9. Meet Your Dragon Portal - meet your Dragon guide, as the Dragons are looking for their Riders! { Magical Adventure }




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