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Wisdom of the Dragon Eggs


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Dragon Egg Wisdom


Dragon Egg Wisdom is available on Amazon

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Forty-Two Dragon Egg Wisdom Cards

Each card has a Dragon Egg image and some wisdom, the booklet expands on that wisdom.

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Forty-Two Dragon Eggs

The Eggs originally came to me in Rome, Italy ( click here to read that story ) and I subsequently sat with each to learn its wisdom, which is what I share in the Booklet in full and the Wisdom cards in summary. Having both will enhance your experience with the Dragon Egg Wisdom.

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Dragon Egg Guardian 

If you are feeling called to look after, incubate, birth and be the guardian to one of the eggs please let me know and I'll connect you with them and assist you in the process of bringing them up. You can use the contact page at https://www.englishmystic.com/contact and on the "How can I assist?" say you want to connect with a Dragon Egg and if you know which one let me know. There is also a Dragon Egg Facebook group you can join by clicking here.

A full list of the Dragon Eggs is listed further down the page - see if any of them call to you.


I want to be a Guardian

Hello Dear reader.

In the ethereal tapestry of myth and magic, where the realms of the mystical intertwine with the tangible, lies a treasure trove of ancient wisdom waiting to be unveiled.

Welcome to the realm of Dragon eggs, where each shimmering orb holds the key to unlocking profound insights into the human experience.

In this enchanting journey, we embark upon a quest to explore the mystical significance of forty-two Dragon eggs, each imbued with its unique essence and symbolism.

These celestial orbs, steeped in the mysteries of the cosmos, serve as portals to the realms of the subconscious, offering guidance, enlightenment, and transformation to those who dare to venture forth.

Drawing inspiration from the sacred art of wisdom, each Dragon egg is a conduit to divine wisdom, revealing hidden truths and illuminating the path towards self-discovery. From the fiery depths of the Dragon's lair to the celestial heights of the heavens, we traverse the realms of consciousness, delving deep into the soul's recesses to uncover the secrets that lie dormant within.

As we journey through the labyrinthine corridors of wisdom, we encounter a myriad of archetypes, symbols, and allegories, each woven into the fabric of existence with meticulous precision. Through the ancient art of divination, we learn to decipher the language of the cosmos, interpreting the whispers of the universe with clarity and insight.

But the journey does not end there, for the Dragon eggs are not merely passive conduits of knowledge, they are catalysts for transformation, agents of change in a world longing for renewal. With each revelation, we are invited to embark upon a journey of self-transcendence, shedding the shackles of the past and embracing the infinite possibilities of the future.

In the book, we shall delve deep into the mysteries of the Dragon eggs, exploring their myriad meanings, symbols, and interpretations. From the primal roar of the Dragon's breath to the gentle whisper of the cosmic winds, we shall unravel the universe's secrets and awaken the dormant powers that lie within.

So, dear seeker, prepare to embark upon a journey of wonder and discovery, as we unlock the hidden mysteries of the Dragon eggs and chart a course towards enlightenment. For in the realm of the Dragons, anything is possible, and the only limit is the boundless expanse of the imagination.


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See each Dragon Egg and Hear the Dragon Egg Song

The song was written with the eloquent Merlin the Bard. Press play and listen and see each Dragon Egg.

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The Forty-Two Dragon Eggs 

  1. Azure Shimmerstone Egg: This egg gleams with a captivating azure hue, reminiscent of a tranquil ocean under the midday sun. It shimmers softly, hinting at the deep mysteries locked within.
  2. Emberglow Ruby Egg: A fiery crimson shell adorned with golden veins, this egg radiates warmth and energy, as if holding the essence of a blazing hearth within.
  3. Opalescent Moonstone Egg: Like a fragment of the moon itself, this egg displays opalescent swirls of silver and pearl. It seems to glow softly, casting an ethereal luminescence in its surroundings.
  4. Obsidian Nightshade Egg: Dark as the deepest night, this egg exudes an aura of mystery and power. Its surface is smooth yet seems to absorb all light, leaving an unsettling feeling to those who gaze upon it.
  5. Amber Sunburst Egg: Radiating with the golden hues of a summer sunrise, this egg glows warmly, promising the dawn of a new day and the awakening of great potential.
  6. Verdant Forestshade Egg: Deep green with hints of emerald, this egg seems to hold the essence of ancient forests within its shell. Moss-like patterns cascade across its surface, evoking images of lush foliage and hidden pathways.
  7. Sapphire Twilight Egg: Twilight's embrace captured in crystalline form, this egg displays shades of indigo and violet that dance across its surface like shadows in the fading light.
  8. Crimson Emberstone Egg: With a fiery gradient that transitions from deep crimson to burnt orange, this egg pulses with the energy of smouldering embers. Its surface crackles with latent heat, promising a fiery birth.
  9. Aurora Borealis Egg: Swirling ribbons of iridescent colour adorn this egg, mimicking the mesmerising dance of the northern lights. Each hue shifts and merges, creating a mesmerising display of natural wonder.
  10. Ivory Frostglimmer Egg: Smooth as freshly fallen snow, this egg is coated in a delicate layer of frost. Its surface shimmers with a subtle iridescence, hinting at the icy magic contained within.
  11. Molten Magmaforge Egg: A fusion of crimson and obsidian, this egg appears as if forged in the heart of a volcanic furnace. Veins of molten lava twist and coil across its surface, radiating intense heat.
  12. Golden Dawnfire Egg: Like the first light of dawn breaking over the horizon, this egg glows with a soft golden hue. Its surface is adorned with intricate patterns reminiscent of sunbursts and morning dew.
  13. Celestial Stardust Egg: A cosmic canvas of midnight black speckled with glimmering silver, this egg captures the essence of a starry night sky. It seems to hold the secrets of the universe within its depths.
  14. Crystal Prismshine Egg: Reflecting the colours of the rainbow, this egg gleams with a myriad of hues, casting vibrant patterns of light in all directions. Its surface is smooth yet refracts light in mesmerising ways.
  15. Electric Stormspark Egg: Crackling with energy, this egg pulsates with vibrant shades of blue and violet. Arcs of electricity dance across its surface, illuminating the air with a mesmerising display.
  16. Ethereal Moonglow Egg: Bathed in the soft glow of moonlight, this egg seems to shimmer with a silvery luminescence. Its surface is cool to the touch, evoking the tranquil serenity of a moonlit night.
  17. Fiery Phoenixflame Egg: A conflagration captured in crystalline form, this egg blazes with the intense heat of a phoenix's flames. Waves of fiery reds and oranges lick at its surface, promising rebirth and renewal.
  18. Mystic Shadowvale Egg: Cloaked in shadows and mystery, this egg appears as if veiled in twilight mist. Dark hues of violet and ebony swirl together, concealing the secrets held within.
  19. Abyssal Abyssalight Egg: Deep as the ocean's depths, this egg seems to absorb all light around it, leaving an eerie darkness in its wake. Its surface is smooth yet seems to ripple like water in the faintest of breezes.
  20. Radiant Sunbeam Egg: Like a burst of sunlight breaking through the clouds, this egg shines with a brilliant golden glow. Its surface is warm to the touch, evoking feelings of comfort and joy.
  21. Spectral Ghostfire Egg: Flickering with ethereal flames, this egg exudes an otherworldly glow. Shades of pale blue and ghostly white dance across its surface, hinting at the spectral energies contained within.
  22. Cerulean Icecrystal Egg: Frosty to the touch, this egg gleams with shades of icy blue and crystal clear translucence. It seems to emanate a cold, refreshing aura, reminiscent of glacial landscapes.
  23. Mystical Dreamweave Egg: Woven from the fabric of dreams, this egg displays shifting patterns and hues that seem to defy comprehension. Its surface is smooth yet seems to ripple with unseen currents of magic.
  24. Echoing Thunderbolt Egg: Resonating with the power of a thunderstorm, this egg crackles with electric energy. Vibrant streaks of blue and purple dance across its surface, evoking the sound of distant thunder.
  25. Nebula Nebulight Egg: Swirling clouds of cosmic dust adorn this egg, mimicking the breathtaking beauty of distant galaxies. Each hue shifts and melds into the next, creating a mesmerising celestial display.
  26. Emerald Enchantment Egg: Rich emerald green with flecks of gold, this egg seems to pulse with natural energy. Its surface is smooth yet seems to shimmer with an inner vitality.
  27. Solar Flarefire Egg: A burst of solar energy captured in crystalline form, this egg radiates with vibrant shades of yellow and orange. Its surface crackles with latent heat, evoking the intensity of a solar flare.
  28. Aurora Borealight Egg: Dancing ribbons of emerald and amethyst adorn this egg, mimicking the enchanting spectacle of the aurora borealis. Each hue seems to swirl and merge, creating a mesmerising display of natural wonder.
  29. Crystalline Frostglow Egg: Sparkling like freshly fallen snow in the sunlight, this egg gleams with a crystalline clarity. Its surface is cool to the touch, evoking the serene beauty of winter landscapes.
  30. Shadowy Twilightshade Egg: Veiled in darkness, this egg seems to absorb all light around it, leaving only a faint silhouette. Its surface is smooth yet seems to ripple with unseen shadows.
  31. Infernal Hellfire Egg: Blazing with the intensity of hellfire, this egg radiates with shades of crimson and obsidian. Waves of heat distort the air around it, evoking images of infernal realms.
  32. Lunar Moonbeam Egg: Bathed in the silvery glow of moonlight, this egg shimmers with a soft luminescence. Its surface is cool to the touch, evoking feelings of tranquillity and serenity.
  33. Nightingale Nightshade Egg: Dark as the night sky, this egg seems to swallow all light around it, leaving only a faint glimmer. Its surface is smooth yet seems to ripple with unseen energy.
  34. Aetheric Starlight Egg: A constellation captured in crystalline form, this egg glows with the ethereal light of distant stars. Each point shines brightly against the dark backdrop, evoking the wonders of the cosmos.
  35. Frostbitten Frostflame Egg: Frozen yet ablaze, this egg displays hues of icy blue and frosty white interspersed with flickering flames. Its surface crackles with frostfire, evoking the beauty of a winter's dawn.
  36. Vortex Vortexstone Egg: Swirling with chaotic energy, this egg seems to twist and contort like a whirlpool. Shades of deep violet and midnight black intermingle, evoking the depths of an otherworldly abyss.
  37. Celestial Celestine Egg: Glowing with the soft hues of twilight, this egg seems to hold the essence of celestial realms within its shell. Its surface shimmers with a cosmic radiance, evoking feelings of awe and wonder.
  38. Eternal Voidshadow Egg: Deep as the infinite void of space, this egg absorbs all light around it, leaving an unsettling darkness in its wake. Its surface is smooth yet seems to ripple with unseen energies.
  39. Eclipse Shadowflare Egg: A cosmic dance of light and shadow, this egg displays hues of deep indigo and fiery red. Eclipse-like patterns swirl across its surface, evoking the celestial beauty of a solar eclipse.
  40. Solar Sunflare Egg: Radiating with the intensity of a solar flare, this egg blazes with shades of golden yellow and fiery orange. Its surface crackles with solar energy, promising the dawn of a new day.
  41. Auroral Radiance Egg: Bathed in the shimmering hues of an aurora, this egg seems to dance with vibrant colours. Waves of green and purple cascade across its surface, evoking the natural wonder of the polar lights.
  42. Prismshine Galactic Dragon Egg: Like a fragment of a rainbow captured in crystalline form, this egg gleams with a myriad of colours. Each facet reflects and refracts light in mesmerising patterns, evoking the beauty of prismatic magic.
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Dragon Eggs song for the Forty-Two Dragon Eggs and Their Wisdom

In the realm of magic, where Merlin’s mind intertwines with ancient lore, we call upon the wisdom of the forty-two dragon eggs. May their essence fill our hearts and minds, unlocking the secrets of the universe. Let the chant begin.

Azure Shimmerstone, calm ocean blue,
Mysteries abound, whispers of the true.

Emberglow Ruby, warm hearth's embrace,
Energy of life, fire's gentle grace.

Opalescent Moonstone, lunar light so fair,
Ethereal glow, secrets in the air.

Obsidian Nightshade, darkness deep and pure,
Power in the void, strength that will endure.

Amber Sunburst, sunrise golden bright,
New day awakening, potential in sight.

Verdant Forestshade, ancient green and bold,
Essence of the forest, stories yet untold.

Sapphire Twilight, indigo and night,
Shadows softly dancing, fading into light.

Crimson Emberstone, flames that pulse and rise,
Heat within the embers, in you the fire lies.

Aurora Borealis, northern lights do weave,
Colours ever-shifting, wonders to perceive.

Ivory Frostglimmer, snow so pure and white,
Icy magic calling, shimmering in the night.

Molten Magmaforge, volcanic heart's desire,
Lava veins are twisting, radiant with fire.

Golden Dawnfire, dawn's first light anew,
Sunburst and dewdrop, golden is your hue.

Celestial Stardust, midnight silver gleam,
Universe's secrets, held within a dream.

Crystal Prismshine, rainbow light's delight,
Colours ever-changing, beauty in the sight.

Electric Stormspark, vibrant energy,
Arcs of blue and violet, illuminating me.

Ethereal Moonglow, moonlight's soft caress,
Silvery tranquillity, calming all distress.

Fiery Phoenixflame, rebirth in the blaze,
Waves of heat and fire, renewal in the gaze.

Mystic Shadowvale, cloaked in twilight's mist,
Secrets in the darkness, magic in the twist.

Abyssal Abyssalight, ocean's deepest part,
Eerie darkness calling, mysteries of the heart.

Radiant Sunbeam, golden comfort’s glow,
Warmth and joy surrounding, happiness to know.

Spectral Ghostfire, ethereal flames do dance,
Pale blue and ghostly, spectral is the trance.

Cerulean Icecrystal, icy blue so clear,
Glacial breath of magic, refreshing is the air.

Mystical Dreamweave, fabric of the night,
Patterns ever-shifting, magic in the sight.

Echoing Thunderbolt, storm's electric might,
Thunder’s distant rumble, energy in flight.

Nebula Nebulight, cosmic dust and glow,
Galaxies are swirling, wonders we bestow.

Emerald Enchantment, green with golden flecks,
Nature’s pulsing heartbeat, magic it reflects.

Solar Flarefire, solar burst so bright,
Energy and passion, captured in the light.

Aurora Borealight, ribbons green and bright,
Swirling natural wonder, dancing in the night.

Crystalline Frostglow, winter’s sparkling scene,
Cool and crisp with beauty, serene is the gleam.

Shadowy Twilightshade, darkness veiled in grace,
Rippling unseen shadows, mystery's embrace.

Infernal Hellfire, hellish crimson glow,
Heat and dark united, power you bestow.

Lunar Moonbeam, silvery and bright,
Tranquillity in moonlight, calming is the light.

Nightingale Nightshade, night sky’s dark caress,
Light absorbed in silence, peaceful in the stress.

Aetheric Starlight, constellation bright,
Crystalline the cosmos, wonder in the night.

Frostbitten Frostflame, icy blue and fire,
Frozen yet ablaze, beauty to admire.

Vortex Vortexstone, swirling deep and vast,
Chaotic energy, mysteries of the past.

Celestial Celestine, twilight hues and more,
Cosmic radiance shining, evoking ancient lore.

Eternal Voidshadow, infinite and dark,
Light absorbed in silence, leaving but a mark.

Eclipse Shadowflare, cosmic dance of light,
Indigo and fiery, celestial in the night.

Solar Sunflare, blazing golden bright,
Solar energy pulsing, dawn’s eternal light.

Auroral Radiance, polar lights that dance,
Green and purple shimmering, nature’s vibrant trance.

Prismshine Galactic, rainbow’s crystal dream,
Light reflected, refracted, prismatic in the gleam.

In Merlin's name and the realm of magic, may the wisdom of the forty-two dragon eggs be with us. So mote it be.

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All Wisdom Cards in the Series

I have a number of Wisdom Cards in progress - check in here to see them as they are published and made available to purchase.