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Embark on a mystical journey with EnglishMystic, Kev, the seasoned Dragon Shaman! 🐉✨ As an entrepreneur and IT expert with nearly four decades of experience, I've woven a tapestry of offerings to guide you into the enchanting realms of Dragons, Shamanism, and profound self-healing.


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  •  £333.33 Remember You’re Magic: A foundation to remember who you are and find the next step for your life. Learn more at https://www.englishmystic.com/remember-you-re-magic
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  •  £2,999 Galactic Mysticism: An 11-month deep dive into learning the art of Shamanism. www.GalacticMysticism.com
  •  £3,000 Meet all the Dragons plus a Shamanic Journey to the Sacred Dragon Circles on Dartmoor, England 🏴 🐲🏴. (Option to pay £250 monthly x12)
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  •  £10,000 CEO’s call in your Spirit team to help you while in your lone wolf CEO mode. Details at https://www.englishmystic.com/ceo
  •  £100,000 1:1 with EnglishMystic’s to meet all your Dragons in person. Spread over a year; can be paid monthly.
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If you're new to this mystical journey, allow me to extend a warm welcome. I'm EnglishMystic, your Dragon Shaman, weaving magic near Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. With a rich background in IT and entrepreneurship, I've immersed myself in Energy Healing, Shamanism, and the profound connection with Dragons.


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Mystical You

MYSTICAL YOU Remember the Mystical You and Your Own Magical Gifts and Your Higher Purpose. The knowledge of Magic is already within you, you are the magic, it’s encoded in your DNA, you already know and have simply forgotten, and it’s time to remember who you truly are. This is for you the questioning, curious being, who knows, that there is more to life to be understood and that a better understanding of yourself, lends Grace, Ease, Flow, Joy & Wisdom to the process of navigating life.   This is for the Bold, Courageous, and Open-Hearted Souls, that long to live life to its fullest and are ready for a Magical adventure into the mystical world of Shamanic rituals.  It is my role, my Dharma, to provide you with a memory jog, so that you remember for yourself how Magical you are.  Remember why you are here, tap into your Higher Purpose for this Life-time and into your Own Magic. Eight years ago I started to remember my Magic, a decade before that I had my first true Dark Night of The Soul, as my Soul stirred me from my slumber, so I know what it’s like to start to remember and how confusing it can be. In this quest to Remember You’re Magic, You will visit with the Wind, the Fire, The Earth and the Water elements and remember your Magic on this journey of remembrance. You, Will, learn to call on the powers and abilities of the Directions, North, South, East & West, connect with Goddesses and Archangels for protection and guidance. You will connect with the six corners of your own ‘Shamanic Temple’, and meet each of your spirit guides and pull in all your power and magic. You will remember all the times that your Guides have guided and protected your life, in this and all others. As your human guide, I approach this from a spiritual-combo of Reiki Master & Shamanic practitioner and lead you through the same process that has assisted me in remembering my Magic, my Reason for this life and it has me now living my Purpose and Dharma. Remember You’re Magic leads you, from beginning Shamanic Journeying or enhancing if you already have experience of Shamanic Journeys, through remembrance and re-introduction to your Guides. We build up all of the powerful connections using the six directions ritual { ABOVE BEFORE BELOW BEHIND RIGHT AND LEFT } and find your Temples Guides, Main guide(s) and your Protection guide(s). Once you have your guides around you, you are set to fully remember who you are and why you are here this time around. With a solid base to explore, I set you off on more remembrance, by asking your Ancestors to assist and help you clear an Ancestral wound and Embody a gift that your wisest Ancestors know will help you on this life journey.   Remember You’re Magic is a foundation to remember who you are and find the next step for your life, empowered by a solid and magical base, your ‘Shamanic Temple’ { which easily transmutes into your Merkaba ‘Vehicle of Light’ }   I will guide you through the following activations, rituals and remembrances, to awaken your mind, body and soul to Your Magical Gifts and Your Higher Purpose.    Magical Shamanic Journeying   Six Ways Flow Movement   Six Ways Flow Ritual    The Four Directions  The Four Elements  The Four Goddesses  The Four Archangels  Shamanic Temple creation     - Introduction to Shamanic Journeying     -  Main Spirit Guide remembrance    -  Body protector remembrance    -  Above Spirit connection remembrance    -  Before Spirit connection remembrance     - Below Spirit connection remembrance     - Behind Spirit connection remembrance     - Right Spirit connection remembrance     - Left Spirit connection remembrance      - Additional Spirit connections to remember     - Map the Spirit connections on your own Temple  Shamanic Drum Frequency Healings  Remembering Your Magic & Higher Purpose   Ancestral Wounds Healing & Gift Embodiment   Meet your Dragon Guide and train as a Dragon-Rider I have encoded the Shamanic rituals, that I recorded during the Summer Solstice, with a magical forest in Devon, England. You can work through the remembrance at your own speed, some will complete this all in a few days, others will go slower, and the Shamanic journeys and resources are here for you for all time, to revisit and keep remembering more of who you truly are. In exchange for the knowledge, I request £ 333.33   I have kept the price affordable and I am offering payment plan {£111.11 over 3 months ] or { £ 60 over the next 6 months }.   If you need some assistance with payment and would like to exchange something other than money, please contact me. If you are interested in this life-changing remembrance process, in person with me, on Dartmoor England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 message me, the fee would be £ 888.88 All the values are pounds sterling and I use Paypal, I can accept direct payment to the bank also, however with international transfers this can get tricky. If you need me to accept another payment type let me know and we can work it out. The price in U.S. $ would be approximately ( based on the average exchange rate )  £ 333.33 = $ 405.00   Any questions please get in contact, I am happy to assist.   All The Best and I wish you a Joyous Now   Love   Kev EnglishMystic

3 monthly payments of £133.32 GBP

Cleanse, Heal, Empower, Align Your Vital CHAKRA Energy

Cleanse, Heal, Empower, Align Your Vital CHAKRA Energy with this beautiful Shamanic Ritual that taps into the power of Thoth, Egypt, the healing Cobra, and the Caduceus. The Ritual takes you on a journey to ancient Egypt and a temple beside the Nile. You will feel balanced, mighty, powerful, and aligned after this powerful healing ritual. The Benefits of having the Seven Major Chakras Balanced, Cleansed, Healed & Empowered. 1st Chakra. Identified as the energy colour red, the root or base chakra associated with the element of earth is located at the perineum, at the base of the spine.  The chakra of physical survival, security, physical needs and earthly grounding. It controls your fight or flight response. The root or base chakra corresponds to the adrenal gland. Areas of physical or energetic influence include male reproductive organs, spine, legs, feet, and hips. When the 1st chakra is balanced, you may feel supported, safe and trusting, centred, independent, and/or grounded with a sense of belonging in this world.   2nd Chakra. Identified as the energy colour orange, the sacral chakra associated with the element of water is located three inches below the navel.  The chakra of emotion, sense of self, and sexuality. The sacral chakra corresponds to the reproductive glands, (female ovaries or male testicles). Areas of physical or energetic influence include the female reproductive organs, lower intestine, bladder, and/or kidney.  When the 2nd chakra is balanced, you may feel creative, passionate, alive, friendly, free-flowing emotional expressions and/or sexually fulfilled. 3rd Chakra. Identified as the energy colour yellow, the navel or solar plexus chakra associated with the element of fire is located three inches above the navel.  The chakra of self-will, self-esteem, and personal powers. The navel or solar plexus chakra corresponds to the pancreas. Areas of physical or energetic influence include the liver, small intestine, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, and upper spine. When the 3rd chakra is balanced, you may feel confident, empowered, calm, decisive, live in integrity, and/or have respect and compassion for yourself and others. 4th Chakra. Identified as the energy colour green, the heart chakra associated with the element of air is located at the heart.  The chakra of love, empathy, giving and receiving. The heart chakra corresponds to the thymus. Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the heart, lungs, hands and arms. When the 4th chakra is in balance, you may feel trusting, grateful, empathetic, joyful, forgiving, compassionate, and/or loving. 5th Chakra. Identified as the energy colour blue, the throat chakra associated with the element of sound is located at the throat.  The chakra of communication. The throat chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland. Areas of physical or energetic influence include the areas of the mouth, vocal cords, oesophagus, and/or ears. When the 5th chakra is in balance, you may feel creative, self-expressive, and/or able to speak your truth. 6th Chakra. Identified as the energy colour indigo, the third eye chakra associated with the element of light, is located at the centre of the eyebrows.  The chakra of wisdom, creativity, intelligence and intuition. The third eye chakra corresponds to the pituitary gland. Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the eyes, brain and/or base of the skull.   When the 6th chakra is balanced, you may feel that you know your life path purpose, aware, open to receiving insight and wisdom, charismatic, clear minded and focused, intuitive, and/or able to determine between illusion and truth. 7th Chakra. Identified as the energy colour violet, the crown chakra, associated with the element of thought is located at the top of the head.    The chakra of spirituality, universal source, and relationship to God/Tao. The crown chakra corresponds to the pineal gland and central nervous system. Areas of physical or energetic influence may include the cerebral cortex, brain stem and/or spinal cord.   When the 7th chakra is balanced, you may feel connected to God or “the source”, oneness, live in the present, acceptance, bliss and/or pure consciousness energy.   Mind-Body Connection When the mind and body are connected, everything flows, but when this connection is disrupted, an energetic imbalance may occur that can contribute to negative effects. The body wants to attain energetic balance in your chakras. When one chakra is blocked, the other chakras begin to compensate and either become overactive or underactive, which then pulls energy away from that region of the body. This energetic imbalance affects the corresponding endocrine gland, resulting in symptoms of illness.   So a Chakra cleanse, healing, balancing and empowerment is something to do as soon as you feel off balance in any way. Catch the early signs of illness and clean it fully from the body.  

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