Julia is an award-winning professional opera singer

Julia is an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist who has been committed to her craft for over 23 years!  


We had a beautiful chat about her Joshua Tree retreat that she is building on 5 acres of land, she shared her story of abuse as she grew up in Siberia, through healing herself, to sharing her beautiful voice, drum, and guitar and we talked about her retreats, which she has held nearly 200 of to date and dove a bit deeper into what Tantra means to her.  

Julia Quena Kavi 

Even though Julia is a professional  singer and has perfect command of her voice, there were many years when she couldn’t "express her truth out loud." Although her singing voice was heard loudly on stage, her voice in her personal life was soft and timid. Julia felt that she couldn’t stand up for herself and suffered quietly behind the curtains…  

Challenges Begin to Manifest

During that period, Julia suffered from bulimia, had chronic infections in her nose and throat, was overweight (almost reaching 200 pounds at one point), and had recurring digestive issues..   Put simply, life hasn’t always been a smooth process for Julia. These life events eventually led to losing her voice multiple times and struggling psychologically with the impact of her life experiences.   She was able to feel heard through song, which is a wonderful way to be heard but this was just the tip of the iceberg. She realized she needed to be heard outside of the spotlight and not just on a stage.  

The Path to Healing

Complete activation of the throat center required additional subconscious work which she achieved through subconscious work (hypnosis, meditation, breathwork, plant medicine, and psychology)   Through pranayama and learning how to take care of herself and most importantly her throat chakra, Julia has put in the disciplined work to promote her personal growth and learn more of life’s lessons along the way. “At times, I’m humbled by how far I’ve come in this journey. I once struggled with my body, my voice, and my ability to speak up for myself. Now, I understand that by taking care of myself and honoring my voice, I can once again sing and express myself without the fear of what people may think or say.”  


Today, she confidently shares her teachings and insights with those who feel unheard, defeated, or feel like they’ve lost their voice somewhere along the way. Her life mission is to assist people in healing and rediscovering their voices so that they can live a better and more fulfilled life experience in both their professional and personal lives.  


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