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Monthly Dragon Talks

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"Monthly Dragon Thunder Talks" on:
Aug 6, 2023 07:00 PM London
Sep 3, 2023 07:00 PM London
{ Land healing exercise with the Dragons } & 
{ The Magic of Working With Violet Flame Dragons }
Sep 11, 2023 05:00 PM London - BONUS date
{ Dragon Light Language } 
Oct 1, 2023 07:00 PM London
{ "We are not reptiles, we have Heart‚ÄĚ Dragons and Self-mastery of incredible Galactic power }¬†
{ Cosmic Parents }
Nov 5, 2023 07:00 PM London
Dec 3, 2023 07:00 PM London -
{ Plasma Dragons bring Stamina Upgrades & Venus Temple Dragon open our Cosmic Heart } 
Jan 7, 2024 07:00 PM London
Emily Atlantis Wolf { How Dragons Can Heal You } 
Feb 4, 2024 07:00 PM London - 
{ "Past Lives with and as dragons: two main connections to Dragons" } &
{ the topic title "Who are the Blueprinters and how are they linked to the White Mother Dragon Monad?" }
Feb 18, 2024 06:00 PM London -
{ Unlocking the 7 Codes, Uncovering hidden Dragons & Water Priestess and land Dragons } 
Mar 3, 2024 07:00 PM London  - 
{ " Claiming your power and connection with Dragon" } & 
{ "The Inner Dragon and the Magick Within" }
Apr 7, 2024 07:00 PM London  - 
{ "Heart Awakening thru Challenging Relationships" } and
Richard Harrison { "Protection blessing, Purity, Peace and Protection" }
May 5, 2024 07:00 PM London  - 
Yumiko Asakura from Japan {"How Yumiko trains comic dragons enables them to assist Starseeds on earth" }
Kieron Morgan Talk will be on { "Calling to the Dragons for protection and guidance" }
Jun 2, 2024 07:00 PM London  
Jul 7, 2024 07:00 PM London  -Nydia Laysa Stone  and Lawrence Valencia 
Aug 4, 2024 07:00 PM London  - Vivyana  -{"The Wisdom of the Dragon Crystal Guardian Collective"} 
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Sep 1, 2024 07:00 PM London  - Lindsey Marquez -  - please apply to be a 2nd speaker
Oct - Peru
Nov 3, 2024 07:00 PM London  - Yumiko Asakura from Japan  -
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Dec 1, 2024 07:00 PM London  -Casca Graham - please apply to be 2nd speaker


This is open to¬†ANYONE¬†who wants to share about Dragons with the Dragon Thunder group, if you are interested in being a speaker on the¬†Monthly Dragon Thunder Talks¬†email me at¬†[email protected]¬†with your Image, Biography, web & social links you would like shared, a Title for your topic and a summary of what you will share, so we can let people know.
And we will record for all to see on Replay too and place in Facebook Group and in the Dragon Thunder Portal.

Each First Sunday of the Month 7-9 p.m. ( London)

Each of these experts brings unique insights and perspectives on the topic of dragons, which can help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating creatures. 




My work as a Holistic Socio-Therapist, Coach, Accredited Healer and Master Teacher, Artist, Writer, Designer, Singer and Dancer, started with my worldwide studies almost 35 years ago, when I first lived in India as a very young woman.

‚ÄčInspired and fascinated by the diversity of belief systems and rituals, I spent all of my life as a global nomade,¬†exploring and studying different therapies, meditations, Yoga, Breathwork, Tantra, Shamanism,¬†traditional, spiritual and energetic dances, ceremonies and healing modalities
in all corners of the world.

I love working with various healing frequencies, like the Violet Flame, Reiki, Divine Energy Healing. Sacred ceremonies and shamanic rituals are deeply rooted in my daily life. 

‚ÄčAmong my favorites in this colorful toolbox are the RITES of the MUNAY KI, Tantric Embodiment practises,¬†Somatic Dance Movement, Ancestor connection, Passage Rites and Art & Expression therapy.

In my global retreat series, I invite women to immerse in high-vibrational environments and authentic ceremonies;

we submerge into Vision Quests, Rewire and dance with Shakti energy in powerful, vibrant nature and in ancient Goddess temples; following the Ley Lines in Mother Earth and the Dragon Lines within our Body Wisdom.


Email:¬†[email protected]




Subject: "Dragon Light Language"

Dragon Light Language is a fascinating and mystical form of communication often associated with the world of spirituality. It's a way of connecting with the wisdom and energy of dragons. In this unique language, symbols, sounds, and gestures are used to convey deep spiritual messages, healings, and insights. It's a way to tap into the ancient knowledge and guidance that dragons possess, helping individuals on their spiritual journeys. So, in summary, Dragon Light Language is a means of harnessing the mystical power of dragons to facilitate healing and transformation.




Facebook: and

A collective of Gods, Angels, Elementals, Dragons, Ascended Masters, Phoenixes, and Galactics.



Caryn O'Malley, The Dragon Doula, is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur, political activist, internationally known author/speaker & newly single mother of 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Caryn knows that working with dragons attunes you to the true energetic frequency of your Soul Mission, allowing you to activate your heartwomb chakra so you can BE you were born to be. 



Starseed | Blueprint Connector | Wayshower | Dragon Rider | Soul Guide
Healer | Martial Artist | Creator | Spiritual Alchemist | Dreamer

My journey of remembrance of who I Be started at age 32 when I dramatically changed my life and stepped away from a career in IT and set off to become a professional martial arts instructor and natural health practitioner. I had no knowledge of anything esoteric or metaphysical but I knew there must be something more to life, so I set off to begin the removal of my self-imposed spiritual blocks and veils.

I am a Way Shower and Indigo of the last of the First Wave of Volunteers in this particular incarnation. I am a Healer and Guide for Light Workers and a Blueprinter that have had countless lives embodied in the last 12,000 years to stabilise this particular Timeline towards the Ascension of Humanity on a Fifth Dimensional Gaia. I am a Dragon Rider of the White Mother Dragon Monad, fully merged with my Dragon Uman and we are the Twin Flame of Ra (AmunRa). We are Guardians to Gaia’s Heart and were Dragon Samurai protectors of the Dragon Teams that created Gaia.

As a seasoned Natural Health Practitioner and full-time Martial Arts Instructor with over 25 years of experience I am now utilising a hands-on multi-modality Wholistic Alignment Treatment. My approach to healing combines a variety of techniques that also draws upon my analytical skills from my background in computer systems to intuitively address the unique health challenges of my clients. In the realm of martial arts with over two decades of experience, I now impart the wisdom of Karate & Tai Chi Chuan to others, focusing on the holistic benefits of these ancient arts combined with Qi Gong for physical fitness, mental clarity, and rehabilitation in my own non-traditional way.

My creativity finds expression in the fusion of art and spirituality. This includes crafting AI-infused Oracle Card decks, each image resonating with deep spiritual insights, the first being The DragonWeaver’s Magic of the Animal Kingdom Oracle Card Deck. I've also created a tranquil space for mindfulness and self-expression through an Adult Colouring website and am developing a Holistic Wellness Journal drawing from my experience in the wellness industry that will incorporate my own adult coloring mindfulness designs. Each of these spiritual tools are infused with Dragon energetic Light Codes, creating a unique spiritual resonance.

My current focus and Life Task is the New Earth 5D Sync Project, a monumental Grid-work initiative to connect individuals to Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Spiritual Chakra system at the higher frequencies. This project will involve Sacred Light and Music Ceremonies, Attunements, and Conscious Music Concerts at a set of 12 specific Sacred Sites globally over the span of the next decade. We commenced this transformative journey at the Solar Plexus Chakra focal point of Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa on Lionsgate in 2023, and I warmly extend an invitation to everyone to join and co-create in this venture, embodying our shared journey on our beautiful planet home, Gaia.

Cape Town | South Africa (for ...soon)

 Summary for Talk:

Topic: Who are the Blueprinters and how are they linked to the White Mother Dragon Monad?

I first came across the term Blueprinter from an Akashic Record Soul Reading I received from a friend. It put a label for me on what I had spontaneously remembered of a myriad of past lives, and since then this remembrance has been massively expanded through my own Journeys, conversations with my Guides, as well as channeling sessions by a Soul SistAr that is also a part of my Oversoul. We have since discovered that our Oversoul is a part of the Monad of the White Mother Dragon and that the other 11 Oversouls in the Monad are all part of the Blueprinter Team that were involved in the creation of the Gaia Experiment, in other words, the creation of the planet Earth and her evolution.

I will expand on all these concepts and explain who the Blueprinters are, who the White Mother Dragon is and how it all fits together. There are so many Souls incarnated on Gaia at the moment who are the feet on the ground and are doing their part of this humongous Project. One of my tasks as a Blueprint Connector is to shine a light on all the various souls who are a part of the bigger picture and how we all weave together, hence my name/title DragonWeaver. I'm also linking some of us together in my grid-work project so I will talk about that a bit too.


Denise Chadwick is a wayshower; code keeper; key holder; earth grid activator; crystalline grid connector; voice alchemist; light language speaker and writer; energy healer; Reiki Master-Teacher, crystal, and sound healer who works with the Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Rays. 

She transmits Diamond light, Whale, Galactic, Magdalene, Albion, Grail, and Crystal-Light and Source code frequencies of energy and is aligned to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Denise has strong Galactic connections whilst still maintaining her strong connection to Gaia and Gaia’s creatures, nature, and elemental beings. She is strongly aligned with the Dragon realm and has worked with the Angelic, Ascended Master, and Elemental realms since learning reiki in 2001. 

Denise’s connection with the dragons has deepened in recent years. She has been offering monthly Dragon Immersions - gatherings to connect and be immersed in the essence of different dragon energies. She also offers Dragon Readings - guidance plus body readings, where she is shown and connects with the Diamond Crystalline pathways and Crystalline Geometries of the body.

She became a reiki master in 2003 and has been on her path of service since then, leaving her 20-year nursing career in 2004. She is a Reiki master in traditional Usui, Tibetan, Angel, Karuna, Anubis, and Crystal-Light frequencies. The Crystal-light frequency energies she works with activate our crystalline light body with crystal light, Source codes, and Earth Crystalline grid energies.

She creates light-encoded artwork in her #symmetrycreations and light language graphics.

In group work, Denise specialises in guided visualisation meditations with initiations, light language transmissions; attunements; energy transmissions with sound and crystals and is available for these also in one-to-one private and online sessions.


YouTube Inner Peace with Denise: 

YouTube Heartful Living with Denise: 


She can be contacted via email: [email protected]


Vivyana, the Dragon Mystic, channels dragons and their empowering messages and wisdom. She met her first dragon, Ashara, one sleepless summer night in 2023. After the initial surprise and disbelief wore off, Ashara became Vi’s Dragon Spirit Guide, sharing her profound dragon wisdom and guidance.

Connecting with Ashara catalyzed a greater connection with dragons, and Vi has now channeled over 100 different dragons. On a mission to share the transformative, inspiring, and magical power of dragon wisdom, she is currently writing a channeled dragon wisdom book and creating an accompanying oracle card deck.

Vi also shares Dragon Guidance Readings and helps others connect with their own dragon spirit guides through her Dragon Connection Coaching. To help you start your dragon journey, she has prepared a special gift: the ‚Äú5 Steps to Connect & Commune with YOUR OWN Dragon Spirit Guide‚ÄĚ booklet, which you can receive through her website at

Visit Vi’s website at:
Connect with Vi on Facebook at: 

Talk Topic:
The Wisdom of the Dragon Crystal Guardian Collective

Vi will share the story of how she met her first dragon, Ashara, the Dragon Crystal Guardian of Preseli Bluestone (AKA Stonehenge Stone) and how that connection transformed Vi’s life by catalyzing a connection with the Dragon Crystal Guardian Collective. She’ll share what information she channels from each of these magical and empowering spiritual beings as well as some of the more surprising stories and channeled wisdom from these Dragons.

Rebekah Jo, based in North Carolina, is a Mother, Mystic & Nature lover -  

She is also an Emotion Code Healer, Spiritual Awakening Coach, Angel Guide, Stone Medicine Practitioner certified with NCCAOM to work with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians for soul level awakening and healing and an Essential Oil Enthusiast.  

Thru the crises of life that led to her own Spiritual awakening she began to see thru ‚Äúnew eyes‚ÄĚ, the eyes of the soul. ¬†This led her to seek out and work with many healers and mentors across the globe, one of which reconnected her to the Dragons and her remembrance of the Dragon Priestess lineage. ¬†Everything changed after that day in early 2022 and her journey with the Dragons has been an Accelerated Awakening filled with tests, challenges and several ego deaths.¬†

One of the main areas of her life, her relationships, were severely impacted as a result of her Awakening and thru deep surrender to her destiny path and soul level work has not only supported other Mystics, healers and coaches to completely transform their relationships but found her own Dragon Heart and the wisdom that it holds for Soul level awakening thru the deep intense challenges of her most intimate relationships. 

Navigating her spiritual awakening whilst being a full time mom, experiencing extreme relationship challenges and doing her own healing and shadow work has supported her to Rise into her Power, find inner Peace amidst the chaos and step more fully onto her Destiny path - one in which she shares her heart and voice as vehicles for her Divinity's Authentic expression.  

She is also, behind the scenes, working on a book to support the partners of beautiful souls experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.

web & social links:

Instagram @iamrebekahjo


Talk Topic:

Heart Awakening thru Challenging Relationships 

Relationships as a vehicle for healing the false love/heart matrix.  Answering the call to be LOVE is not always an easy one and often will lead you into the deep recesses of your own heart to heal and break down the barriers we have built over eons to true Divine Love in its purest expression.  The Dragons wish for me to share my experience as well as a Heart Activation for those that are ready and willing to remember their own Dragon Heart.


Yumiko is one of the gifted healers, shaman, alchemist and philosopher. She has memories of past lives and is able to utilise her gifts and abilities cultivated from her past lives.

Her abilities as a healer are particularly pronounced: from the time she was an unborn child, she started guiding the spirits and healing people. From the age of 30, Yumiko accepted her mission to become a teacher of spiritual teachings.

Initially, Yumiko volunteered as a healing advisor and mentor for holistic medical doctors, acupuncturists, Buddhist monks and scientists in Japan. She specialised in collaborating with alternative health practitioners.

Later, she founded the healing organisation Leaves of Wisdom in 2000 which became Leaves Institute in 2007.
She has developed more than 300 original healing techniques and other unique methods 
rooted in the Lemurian system and her creations, and she has taught various subjects such as shaman, alchemy, lightwork and healing to a large number of people, and trained many leading mentors in Japan.

Yumiko’s rare combination of ancient Eastern wisdom, teacher training and psychotherapy training makes her approach to teaching unusual and highly effective.

Since the launch of Leaves Institute online, this knowledge has been offered outside of Japan for the first time. Leaves Institute is now offering short courses and a Healing Diploma Course in English, accredited by CMA.

Yumiko and Dragons

Yumiko has been closely connected with dragons and has played with them in nature and the spiritual world since her birth.

It has always been her mission to help humanity and the world throughout the history of this planet and dragons have always been beside her to help her work.

Yumiko has also been actively working as a global lightworker with their help. Dragons are wise, multi-dimensional, transcendental beings capable of many things; They help Yumiko’s work as an alchemist, shaman, healer and lightworker.

Recently she has been training dragons to support Starseeds and she bridges the cosmic wisdom and energy to the Starseeds on the earth.

Yumiko has been sharing her wisdom through trainings such as ‚ÄúDragon Connection¬ģÔłé Programme‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúDragon Master Trainings‚ÄĚ and in numerous workshops and talks in Japan. This is the first dragon talk to share her wisdom and knowledge internationally.

Yumiko’s talk:

Date /Time: May 5th 2024 7 pm (UK time)

Talk Subject:

‚ÄúHow Yumiko trains cosmic dragons enables them to assist Starseeds on earth‚ÄĚ

In this Talk, Yumiko will talk about Cosmic Dragons and how they can help Starseeds. It also includes the following contents;


Kieron Morgan is a healer, teacher, Alchemyst, and Brother of Dragons, with over 20 years experience on the path.

My roots are planted in the Old ways with a deep love of Mother Earth, Elementals, and Magic, but my head is in the stars, also working with Ascended Masters, Angels, and my beloved Dragon collective; all under the guidance of Master Merlin, my Father in Spirit.

For the last decade, I have offered my work around the UK and Europe, being a guest reader and regular workshop facilitator at the College of Psychic Studies in London for a number of years.

I offer workshops on a number of esoteric subjects, readings with my bespoke Dragon Rune cards, and a range of healing sessions to help those in need to release that which no longer suits or served them and to help and support them as they move forward on their journey.

I am the Master and Founder of Pendragon Reiki, an energetic healing system using Dragon energy for healing and protection. This was given to me by The Merlin in 2016 and has grown in stature and popularity since its inception.

I am deeply honoured to be the Guardian of the Violet Flame Earth Chakra which sits on Leith Hill in Surrey (my childhood home). A magical place of transformation and Alchemy, where I offer guided tours (both physical and virtual) so people can connect and learn some of the secrets of this amazing place and the truly life-changing energy that it holds.

I am a proud trustee of Divine Energy International, a worldwide non-profit organisation for energy healers.

Its vision is ‚ÄúA world where energy healing is for all.‚ÄĚ

I have also recently written a chapter about Pendragon Reiki in the Amazon multi-national best-selling book ‚ÄúThe Energy Healer‚Äôs Oracle‚ÄĚ


Facebook: @brotherofdragons          

Instagram: @thebrotherofdragons

Youtube: @kieronmorgan-brotherofdragons

Talk will be on "calling to the Dragons for protection and guidance"


 Subject: "Protection blessing. Purity, peace, and protection"

And talk a little about his dragon magic practices. 

1st spiritual awakening to my dragon self 20 years ago, practising various magik and meditation practices, 2nd Dan aikido, level 2 usui reiki and kundalini yoga practitioner. 

Worked with dragons throughout 20 years of practice but much more closely in the past 4 /5 years.

Connect on Facebook here:


Subject: "Claiming your power and connection with Dragon"

The Dragon Ally and creator of The Dragon Tails on YouTube

As Visionary of the Guide Academy, Sandra Pelley walks in two realities playing with her guides, especially her Little You (aka Inner Child) and the newly discovered Dragon Lord Council. While teaching the core principles to connecting and communicating with your guides, she takes you on a journey. Imagine that childlike part of yourself who found the magic of following dragonflies. As your dragonflies evolve through the chakras, discovering blocks, old habits and creating new habits, you regain the power of Dragon energy. Sandra's personal growth over this past year has been two fold. In choosing to accelerate her spiritual journey she has connected deeply with the Dragon Lord Council. This is an ongoing evolution that she willingly shares on her YouTube channel, Sandra Pelley - The Sandini and the Dragon Tails.

As an intuitive soul, she brings her own experiences into her teachings. Often working in the Quantum space, she steps into a high level of awareness. Her tools facilitate healing for you, over many aspects of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. Sandra’s Soul Readings are literally spiritual how to’s and a strong confirmation of the tools in her book, “A Spiritual How-To“ which has been one of the cornerstones of what she brings to you and so much more… Whether stepping into singular sessions, working one on one in Sandra’s Vision Quests or her DYI (do it yourself) - A Spiritual How-To, or her Dragon Wheel of Life program, Sandra’s abilities as a galactic shaman and energy chameleon, guide her directly to the epicenters that are ready to heal, resulting in your being able to stand in your own power in health, career and relationships. Come play with your guides and Sandra.

In addition to her special invitation, Sandra is also offering a FREE meditation to help bring your Dragon into your world: 
Would You Like to Meet Your Dragon?

If you have already met your dragon: 
Dragonfly Quiz - the Courageous Inner Beast

Facebook business





with love and support

I see the Incredible U in you, the united you, where your inner child, physical body and higher self are together.

Although at moments life may seem impossible, know that I see the incredible person inside of you that you are. Breathe..... I am here supporting you...

For extra support please join me and others over in the

"Find me on the Conscious Awakening Network located on ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE and in the APPLE PHONE, and ANDROID PHONE apps store. Once you download the app, my video is in the Docuseries category found under the Series section."

Want to know the simple steps to connect with your guides especially the Little You? Here is my gift to you.


Virginie is a professional hypnotherapist specializing in quantum healing.

She’s been trained by Dolores Cannon and her former assistant Candace Craw-Goldman and has been practicing hypnosis for over 7 years.

From the very beginning of her practice Dragons have been spontaneously showing up in her sessions, through her clients and herself, to reconnect with humankind.

They have given Virginie so much information about them through more than a thousand sessions, their galactic history, and their history with humans on Earth that Virginie is now following the path of Dolores Cannon as an investigator and an author.

She also provides energetic healings, channeled information, and works with dragon-related channels.

Virginie is a renowned dragon specialist in France and gives a new perspective on our connection to dragons to remember our multidimensionality and our own human history.

YouTube: @ContactwithDragons


Subject: Past Lives with and as dragons: two main connections to Dragons

In my work I've discovered two types of strong connection with dragons: those I call dragonriders, who are beings that can be considered dragon "friends", "colleagues", and much more... And those I call dragons incarnated as humans. They’ve had past lives together, on Earth and on other planets and have been through many difficult times. Today, those people are here incarnated on earth as you and me. They are more and more to remember who they are and their bond to dragons in a way of healing their memories and wounds, so that a new paradigm can be revealed and dragons can connect again with humankind.


Virginie  Lafon

Praticienne en Hypnose et Soins Quantiques

[email protected]
SPEAKER -Alessandra Gilioli 

Alessandra Gilioli ( Italy ) will be sharing with us on Dragon Talks, on Sunday 18th February at 6 p.m. ( London ): 


Unlocking the 7 Key Codes, Uncovering hidden dragons of the Etruscans & a vision of female water Priestesses with male land Dragons

Unlocking the 7 Key Codes

We are unlocking the 7 KeyCodes within us and for humanity. 

We have the power to create worlds. We are living here and now for a reason.

As empathic souls, we have journeyed through many a dark night of the soul experiencing deep rejection of self at extreme costs. Our life, families, villages, and temples were torn down because of who we were. We have learned to dim our light in order to survive. 

Now is the time for the return of the water priestess. As we band together with precise movements, laser-focused intention, and an ever-expanding heart, our soul is leading us to the grandeur and impact we have been seeking to fulfill for eons. Now is the time for our own soul revelations. For our sacred selves and humanity. 

By switching on the 7 Key Codes within us we turn them within humanity too. The 7 Sacred Sites of the Water Priestess are calling us to come back online. They too are eager to fulfill their divine purpose. 

7 Sacred Sites, 7 Sacred Activations


Lineages of the Water Priestesses

Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady of the Lake, Swan Maiden, 

Mami Wata, Sirens, The Nymphs, Oracle of Delphi, Cumaen Sibyl


And sharing with us the vision she holds for a Retreat in Rome Italy

You are invited to Rome, Italy April 25, 26, 27, 28


Full details at:


Subject: "How Dragons Can Heal You"

Atlantis Wolf is a Shaman, Master Breathwork Facilitator, and licensed medical massage therapist. After a career in civil engineering and financial services, she has spent the last 13 years helping over 3,000 clients confront their physical and metaphysical pain. From chronic muscle tightness to trauma and unreleased emotional energy, Atlantis takes an intuitive approach to healing. Part of her secret is connecting to spiritual realms using breathwork, drumming, fire ceremonies, and the guidance of galactic dragons."


Email: [email protected]

YouTube: Atlantis Wolf

Instagram: @DragonMedicineWoman


Alphedia Arara is one of the world's top spiritual channels. Located in Merlindale in the Borders of her homeland of Scotland, Alphedia founded Elemental Beings, a mind, body, and spirit business in 2007 after guidance from Archangel Metatron that she was to write a book on nature spirits and elementals about their environmental messages.

Elemental Beings Ltd offers spiritual guidance, channelings, workshops, retreats, and transmissions from many beings of light in the many realms and dimensions showcasing Alphedia's unique psychic gifts and talents as a spiritual wisdom keeper and healer.
During the time of her spiritual awakening, she was recovering from a serious illness that had left her with a swollen brain and unable to move for over a year and a half. It was during this period she started to hear angels, elementals, and other light beings.

The book Messages from Nature's Guardians was published in 2009 and received 5-star reviews in British spiritual magazines. This led to Alphedia filming an hour's TV documentary for SKY TV on her work with the Elemental Realms.

She has since been on Radio, in newspapers, and given talks and workshops all over the UK. Her client base is all over the world due to her unique offering of Distance Options for her workshops.

Profoundly clairaudient Alphedia hears the Dragons and is able to channel their powerful energy with ease to bring through life-changing workshops, meditations, and healings.

As a graduate in Geography and Environmental studies, she is passionate about Mother Earth and Earth Healing. It is also something the Dragons are here again on Earth to support.

A lot of Alphedia's work is helping people to know what their role is in working with the dragons, helping them to meet their dragon guides and fulfill their missions as Earth Healers and Lightworkers on Earth at this time.
Alphedia uses her unique channeling gift to support people around the world by offering personal channeled messages in her Dragons workshops and retreats.

She also offers Dragon Soul channelings which are extremely popular to give guidance to people on their spiritual journeys from the Dragon realm.
Over the years new dragons have come forward to work with Alphedia including the Crystal Dragon skull consciousness and the Galactic Dragons.
The Dragon Wisdom School is ever-evolving and new workshops and transmissions from the dragons to help us are regularly posted up.


Her talk on 7th January 2024 will be¬†"Creating Abundance with Dragons‚ÄĚ and "How to become a millionaire with the help of Dragons‚ÄĚ :)


I channel Divine Guidance for Starseeds and Earth Warriors connecting them to their Star Families, Dragon and Galactic Lineages. I use light language frequencies and work with your Cosmic Connections to facilitate high-frequency healing transmissions and encoded activations.

After earning a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Arizona in Tucson, I merged my passion for art and metaphysics together with my background in cross cultural mentoring and teaching to design and lovingly develop Galactic Guided Intensives. These are 9 week channeled (dis)Courses that hold BIG space, inviting you deeper into your truth and resourced god-self; while empowering you to heal and walk your unique Ascension path.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @galacticashley.activates
Telegram: @galacticashley


Katara Sky is a Lightwarrior on a mission to better the world - she works with fellow Lightworkers and Woo-preneurs to Amplify their Energy and Elevate Consciousness together.  As a healer, teacher, cosmic weaver and activator, Katara shares her work through 1 : 1 and group coaching, shamanic practices, light language and teaching qigong / energetic fitness. 

Almost as long ago as a past life it seems, Katara used to work the corporate 9-5. Although really, it was closer to 70+ hour work weeks and very far from a sense of fulfilment. In her search for more meaning and purpose, she went through an intense few years of self and soul searching through over 3000+ formal and informal spiritual trainings and experiences. Katara always had a love for the mystic, magic and fantasy, but never really quite understood WHY until she was initiated into shamanic practices. In a way, she always "knew" that Phoenix was important and relevant for her, and in Katara's very first shamanic journey to meet a soul teacher, it was indeed Phoenix who came. It was more common for Katara to see 'mystical creatures' as guides rather than earthly animal totem guides. Her teacher attributed that to the fact she's just had more lives in these realms!

These days, Katara and 'Awakening Dragons' is about re-membering our multidimensional true nature. She holds space and activates transformational journeys for people to awaken and activate energies to come into their unique authentic expression of their Light. Dragons and cosmic vibes lead the way. We can be missing a bit part of the truth about ourselves and the universe if we ignore the multidimensionality of who we really are. More importantly, how do we bring these energies through in an embodied and pragmatic way to be of service to other evolving souls?

In our Dragon Thunder talk, Katara shares: 

- About her encounters with Dragon and letting these beings lead the way

- How to be pragmatic and grounded in our spiritual path of human potential 

- Why Qi Gong helps us connect to Light beings

- A light language energy transmission 


You can connect with Katara here:


Stay up to date and receive a free light language transmission here:

Join me January 11th in Awaken, A QiGong / Energy Training Course designed for Lightworkers

East Coast Dragon Lady - Barbara was born in London, England where she studied nursing and practiced as a Registered Nurse (RN). She moved to the United States 1991, where she has maintained caregiving & management roles for the majority of her career.
As a single mother of two teenage boys after her divorce, Barbara worked two jobs for many years, until returning to her true spiritual path after, "Life happened", as she so affectionately puts it.

She is a natural healer, Reiki and polarity therapist, Mind Body Spirit practitioner, and Master Toe Reading are a few of the many modalities that she currently practices.

Best known for her ability to channel, Barbara connects with Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Galactics, and Dragons, to bring messages of comfort to those who are awakening to the New Golden Age.

Merlin has been her guide for over 30 years and plays a main role in connecting her to all those who wish to receive messages. She is now affectionately known as the East Coast Dragon Lady and can help bring forth messages of love, light & comfort.
She is the mother to two wonderfully resourceful sons and they all live together in Amesbury, Massachusetts, with a cat, dog, and spirit team unlike any other.

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Meet Nicola, published co-author of two books: 'She Is...Unleashing Divine Feminine Power' & 'Goddess' where you can read more about her journey with the dragons. Nicola is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Moonologer, 7th Dimensional Transference, EFT, Crystal, Chakra & Aura Healing Practitioner, combining her modalities to create bespoke healings for Soul Wisdom Seekers as a Soul Wisdom Activator!

Nicola will always be a Soul Wisdom Seeker first, following signs & synchronicities that take her down a rabbit hole of wonder, myth & magic, gathering knowledge in each field of spirituality that she is guided to explore. This triggers a remembrance deep in her soul which opens her natural healing & intuitive gifts as each new path is explored & each new fear that is uncovered in her are overcome.

Her love of nature takes her out into her local New Forest for regular walks, where in the moments of mindfulness & stillness, she sees the dragons in the trees, the clouds & the hills. She hears the dragons speaking with messages of inspiration & wisdom that she was reluctantly encouraged to share with others by posting 30 consecutive days of channelled dragon messages. She says reluctantly, as she was worried that others might think she’d gone quite mad talking to dragons, but as dragons are always encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone & she trusts the path she is on, she was led to her new tribe of fellow dragon enthusiasts!  

The dragons also call Nicola in her dreams to visit sacred lands & ancient sights such as Avebury, Stonehenge & Glastonbury. Through visiting new lands on the sacred dragon lines, Nicola channels most of her information about the dragons direct from the source & through this: activations from the dragons were downloaded to help clear & cleanse the chakras. As dragons are all about truth, love, courage, strength, empowerment, creativity, passion, being heart centred, aligned, grounded, protected, balanced through the feminine & masculine energies & connection, you can be sure that these aspects are activated within your own powerhouses, as you awaken to embodying these attributes as a way of life, which sets you on your path of your soul mission.

The dragons showed Nicola that we are so interconnected with everything & everyone, that when we holistically heal & balance out our own energies, the interwoven entanglement of the natural world around us will heal too. The dragons said that we have spent too long disconnected from the natural world around us, but as we reconnect to the energies of the earth below & the cosmos above, we can learn the lessons that help us to reconnect with our own physical bodies. 

Nicola set up the Soulful Wisdom Academy, with the support of her dragon clan, to share her knowledge, wisdom & transformative energetic spiritual tools to awaken soul wisdom seekers to their embodied journey as an Earth Star Priestess through her Fearlessly Seeking You Program.‚ĄĘÔłŹ This is a journey of self-discovery, personal empowerment & self-love to reconnect with your soul's purpose through your own intuitive guidance. The journey begins in July with Level 1, the Intuitive Dragon Medicine‚ĄĘÔłŹ, which includes the dragon activations to clear & cleanse your chakras, so you can be a clear open channel to receive & connect more confidently with your own natural psychic & intuitive gifts. The waitlist can be joined here if this is of interest to you.


Talk: It will be a land healing exercise, connecting to the land in your own vicinity that needs healing & connection to your ancestors & guardian dragons of the land for a message. Likely a drum journey/herbs & crystals to support/ceremony to set intentions. Assisting the tired earth dragons with the fire dragons.

Discussion on why land can need clearing & healing first, how dragons connect to us through the land & nature, why we are drawn to places, the medicine we receive from the land & sacred places & anything else related that the dragons give me in the moment ūüíĖ


Kelley Springer - Butterfly Woman, Dragons came to me 25 years ago and began to communicate with me.

They came to help me see and understand things I could not see on my own and to assist me in remembering my promise to them. Our promises are often prophecy that, we/many of us are here to fulfill.

For me this was ‚Äúthe Great Awakening of the Dragons‚ÄĚ, the time when we would remember them.¬†Working as a Healer Internationally for 30 years the Dragons coming into my healing practice offered expansion and new gifts. Becoming a Dragon Communication teacher was a natural progression as my work with them grew.

My healing practice, Love Wisdom Power - Paths to Wholeness, focuses on heart centered empowerment and wholeness. , emotional integration, inner child healing, ancestral thread clearing, past life and Karma clearing and mystery school teachings that include light body initiation and learning to work with higher temples of light in all of creation and getting to know your personal dragon(s).

The Dragon’s helped me to remember and know my connection to them from the beginning of creation itself. As well as our Dragon Counsel of Light partnership with the rising tide of love for all Life.

The Love for all Life is the divine intention given to the Dragons of Light and Ascension to embody.

I love to share the stories and connection we now have with our Dragon friends. 

"Kelley is a Light Language Artist and has been drawing, painting, singing and speaking light language in her practice for 30 years. Light is a flowering language from the source and is the most universal living language in all of creation. She will share about how she uses light language to communicate with Dragons."

Kelley Springer
Loveland, Colorado

Light Language Dina  
Dina is a lover of all things galactic, art, energy, fairy,  dragon, and magical.
Dina has been on a healing journey for at least the last 5 years since she started painting.   Through this process, she has discovered her gifts as a channeler of Divine wisdom and intuitive painter. Dina channels soul language and activation codes with the use of her voice, drumming, movement and painting. Dina is also tapping into the akashic field and can assist others with a deeper connection with themselves, creativity, perspective shifts, sovereignty and embodiment.
Dina began her dragon journey in 2019 and discovered her purpose. When she learned about the Sophia Dragons. After already being an artist, she realized she was channeling these higher frequency energies through her paintings. 
Dina also attended a Celtic dragon reiki and Sekhem empowerment session where key codes were activated to assist others with their abilities and unique expression. 
Dina also connects with her role as a Sophia Dragon activator and channeling the codes into art for the activation and ascending planet .  Dina has been co facilitating dragon ceremonies to build the dragon community to call the dragons home in communion with those human partners. 
Dina is also an activation artist with the intention to serve her clients and collective with authenticity.  Every session is personalized and can include intuitive card reading, painted light code, spoken soul language and shamanic singing and drumming.
You can find her on links, events, sessions and calendar at


Fiona Robertson is a channelled writer, speaker and an intuitive mentor to soul led entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers and a band of extraordinary passionate creative women and men across the globe. Who create with a true purpose and passion.¬†Known as the ‚ÄėThe Dragon Messenger' receiving guidance and messages from 8 Dragons for the evolution of the population to Ascend with Grace and Ease.¬†For over a decade she has called in an evolved way of living intuitively following The Dragon Way.¬†Fiona is Soul Led and is the founder and CEO of Retreats specifically designed as a¬†Detox For Your Soul,¬†and the creator of the¬†Home Detox Box.¬†She was guided to Move to France and open a retreat and write the protocol for the mind and body's increased capacity to operate at a higher frequency level and activate the all seeing pineal gland, and thus giving access to the inner vision accelerator and the silent language of intuition.

Cultivating an unbreakable connection she sees millions of women and men being Soul Led. A brand with over two decades of being guided herself and to guide and evolve women into their new identity, mentally, physically, financially and towards careers that serve the greater good. Being spiritually connected and guided, believing in magic and intuitively manifesting success stories. Fiona's work, more than anything, is focused on the belief that everyone deserves to experience a life of freedom, and your inner world creates your outer world and so claiming your phenomenal power and destiny. 

Fiona guides her clients to break the spells they are under, which means unlocking their stubborn beliefs, see the patterns they constantly repeat, unlock their mind to it's truest capacity and potential. She sees that her clients own their own unique soul language to be guided towards their own unique success, to create the freedom that they know is meant to be. 

Through her programs, like the Midas Touch and A course in Practical Magic, and her powerful Dragon readings, she guides you how to holistically regard your entire life and align with the vision source has for you. Fiona listens to the Whispers coming from your soul for the cause of the vibration of the original creation, and feeds that back to you so you can create a body fit for your soul, Business that's telling you what she needs and how to create that, and has a gift for turning tragic relationships into love stories. For all of these transformations she has a wealth of powerful examples coming from pure un edited Soul guidance 

Fiona watches inexplicable events, opportunities and miracles happen daily.

She’s been writing articles for magazines on the art of transformation to living free and having magic at your fingertips for over 20 years. Originally from the U.K. she was guided to live a life of vacation in sunny South West France, raising her boys her fur and feathered friends, to run the retreats for the Soul, write her book on Practical Magic, create the Dragons cards and can regularly be found on the beach, in the woods or hanging out in the garden talking to her Dragons.Fiona Robertson is a channelled author and speaker and creator of updated powerful ways to see people transform rapidly. Her book called Practical Magic Life outlines an extraordinary manifesting series of stories, with precise exercises to complete and the direct messages from the Dragons on just how to amplify and accelerate your own creations.

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Fiona Robertson
Soul Partnering, Fiona Robertson

0033 (0) 677052201¬†Email:¬†[email protected]

Detox Diva and Body Whisperer 


Subject: "We are not reptiles, we have Heart‚ÄĚ Dragons and Self-mastery of incredible Galactic power

From an early age Jason felt a connection to the world around him in a very powerful and often overwhelming way. What seemed like an extreme sensitivity and inner vision had him withdraw from people and himself.

He explored all the wrong ways to cope with this in his teenage and young adult years until his Saturn return/dark night of the soul event led him to the desert of Arizona to begin training with his first metaphysics teacher.

This lead him down a path of healing and Self-discovery studying and applying everything he could in an effort to fix himself until finally realizing the truth of Spirit, that we are already whole and complete.

He then remembered to more consciously dwell in the feeling before time and the connection to all things, that which is felt so often in meditation and times of Joy. This place of the Heart led him to his connection with soul family.

This soul/star family connection and previous training brought forth the ability to channel energy and work as a ‚Äúhealer‚ÄĚ in a more powerful way. ¬†¬†


Jason Donaldson has a bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Hawai’i at Hilo, a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from NCU, is a certified master Sekhem Energy Practitioner, Spirit Guidance Mentor, and creator of the Galactic Breathing Technique.

Jason has an extremely varied background in many healing modalities and much esoteric study such as: ascension mechanics, quantum physics, galactic shamanism, nutrition, tai chi, qi gong, tarot, shadow work, energy signature reading, etheric surgery, implant removal, meditation, breathwork, soul retrieval, and energetic archetypes.

He has been trained in The Three Principles approach to mental health, facilitated various therapeutic and support groups, workshops, and rite of passage ceremonies for over 10 years on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

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Topic for discussion

‚ÄúWe are not reptiles, we have Heart‚ÄĚ Dragons and Self-mastery of incredible Galactic power.

Summary: This is the message the Dragons gave Jason again and again during a QHHT session. He has also glimpsed various lifetimes where both himself and his ancestors worked with dragon energy. How it was more energetic/etheric than actual physical dragons during those times. How Dragon energy was utilized during the period of forgetting that we now coming out of.  Also, some sharing of how this information connects with other sources about dragons. Dragons and holding boundaries.  

Subject: "The Magic of Working With Violet Flame Dragons"

In this incredible time of immense change we can sometimes feel beaten by life and all the lessons it has to offer. That is why it is so important to acknowledge the magical gifts that have been given to us by the Violet Flame and the Violet Flame Dragons. They are Masters at transmutation and clearing of anything that keeps you held to the three D Matrix.  This includes everything in your current life, as well as past lives on earth and of Galactic Origin. Violet Flame Dragons can literally clear ancestral bloodlines back to the 1st person who exhibited that trait.  They can also aid in Planetary work for the betterment of Earth, her inhabitants and all.
I will be speaking on these amazing Beings, along with St, Germaine and ArchAngel Zadkiel, who are keepers of the violet flame, and how the Violet Flame Dragons can assist you on your ascension journey.

Feel The Magic!
Carol Weakland

Best Selling and Award-Winning Author
Gatekeeper to Everything Magical

Subject: "Plasma Dragons bring Stamina Upgrades & Venus Temple Dragon open our Cosmic Heart"

Alessandra Gilioli lives in Italy and is making friends with Dragons under churches. Cosmic Dragons have been channeled through her while on tour in Japan. And a Venus Temple dragon is showing her the vastness of the Cosmic Human blueprint. Alessandra leads retreats and events at sacred sites worldwide. She identifies as a Star Fairy and Consciousness Engineer. Her first love is energy healing and taking people on Galactic Shamanic journeys with crystal bowls and drums. 



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Meet Your Dragon reading

See Your Dragon Art reading


SUMMARY of energy transmission 

Meet the Earth Dragon who will work on our Earth Star Chakra. Mother Earth Dragon will be holding and anchoring down our Earth Star chakra to give us the gift of peace. The gift of feeling safe and of feeling that we have a deeper sense of trusting ourselves. The Earth Dragon will then help us reach and connect with the Rainbow Plasma Dragons and the Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon.

There is a special, secret portal in our cosmic heart that is opening up now. It has been slowly opening since the beginning of this year. In the hearts of some very special, sacred humans people this portal is opening.It is connected to Venus as a newly emerging cosmic stargate.. Some people are being called to upgrade their hearts. There is a purification of the soul that is unfolding. While the Universe and our guides know that we are always perfect we as humans do not always feel perfect. 

Therefore we are about to receive a purification of our sense of self. The Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon is offering us a special initiation where we are cleared of guilt, shame, and the feeling of not being enough. Many of us never feel good enough to live out our dreams. The Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon is about opening and clearing our heart in order for us to build our dreams. She knows that for many of us answering this call we are wanting to be human-soul-temples. We want to be of service in uplifting all of humanity into a New Era. The Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon will bring to us a vast, beautiful flying Temple. She is the Temple itself. She will bring us into her heart. Her heart is a Temple. And we will then build that Temple in our hearts. 

The Rainbow Plasma Dragons come from another Universe. They have never been able to be on Earth until now! The Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon is paving the way for this giant collective of beings to come. The Rainbow Plasma Dragons are professionals specialized in assisting beings in becoming for cohesive in bringing together our multidimensional souls. For us humans  being multidimensional means that we integrate our angel, fairy, animal, ascended master and starbeing aspects. And even our dragon aspects! The more soul aspects you can integrate the more light you can carry and hold on Earth. The more multidimensional you get to be on Earth the more of service you can be in different parts of this and other galaxies. It is a cosmic upgrade. You can then be on more councils and be of more service  to more beings and planets. 

The Rainbow Plasma Dragons will be bringing in a healing that will help us humans assimilate new plasmatic rays that are incoming now from different stargate.s Such as Aldebaran, Venus, Casseiopeia, Perseus and other lesser known star systems that were famous once long ago for ancient humans. Casseiopeia was known as the constellation of the butterfly symbolizing the Divine Mother Goddess to ancient matriarchal cultures around the world. 

You will be receiving an infusion of stamina, higher energy, financial stimulus and manifestation assistance from the new Rainbow Plasma Dragons. They will come into your auric field and add a new layer to attract what it is that you are seeking to manifest. This can and will be done by grounding with the Mother Earth Dragon and by expanding your Cosmic Heart antenna with the Venus-Antares-Temple Dragon. 


Casca Graham is a Spiritual Teacher based in Essex, UK. She works extensively with the Akashic Records and the Dragon Realm, offering her expertise as a multidimensional Shamanic Healer. Casca runs the fully accredited Casca Graham Academy, where she teaches online and in-person classes, guiding students through the realms of spiritual growth and transformation.

The Dragons first revealed themselves to Casca in 2018 while she was traveling across Europe, particularly in Italy where their energy was strongly felt. Following this, she was invited to teach in Iceland, where the dragons came forward again during a workshop immersing participants in Dragon energy. Casca began researching dragons and discovered Dragon Reiki, receiving attunements that opened her further to this powerful force.  

After these attunements, the mighty Dragon Kirius invited Casca to ride on his back along the River Thames and over London, signaling their close collaboration. On New Year's 2020, Casca awoke to a bedroom filled with Dragons who revealed she would create her own Dragon Reiki modality with their guidance. This led to her innovative system integrating the Elemental Dragons, Shamanic practices, and the elements of the earth.

Over the years, Casca has attuned many practitioners worldwide, building a beautiful community around Dragon Reiki. She works closely with the Dragon Realm, delivering workshops and teachings on their profound energy for healing, channeling Light Language, and assisting humanity's evolution according to the wisdom they share.

In addition to her Dragon Reiki work, Casca provides one-on-one services to clients, including deep healing sessions, shadow work, Akashic Records readings, and other modalities. Her holistic approach combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques, helping individuals unlock their full potential. The magnificent Golden Akashic Dragons surround and support Casca's Akashic Records work, aiding spiritual growth and recollection of the Divine Soul Blueprint. 

With a profound connection to the unseen realms, Casca acts as a bridge between dimensions, facilitating profound healing and awakening for those seeking to embark on their spiritual journeys. Her compassionate presence and in-depth knowledge make her a trusted guide for exploring the depths of the soul and cosmos.



I love Magic, Believe in all things Mystical, and see Miracles all the time...

From an early age, I saw Lions in my bedroom, horses' heads on the pillow, and shoes walking across the landing.

And as I've gone through life I've experienced a lot of mystical events, from Dragons visiting me while I hacked out on my horse in the English countryside, through visitations from wise ones, deep realisations during Vipassana 10-day ' monk-like' retreats, to connections with Pachamama in Peru while visiting Machu Picchu and numerous other learnings during Reiki (Master), Rahanni and Shamanic remembrances & time as a Life coach.

I always knew I wanted to do something useful with my life, I've always been attuned to the energies of a room and people, and my empathic abilities have always been strong, though for decades I suppressed them, to fit in. Always, I have felt the sensitive energies of life and had to weave my way through them carefully at times, as they have often overwhelmed me.

A couple of decades ago I first had the stomach-deep feeling that my normal life was not enough for my Soul, and I experienced 'Dark Nights Of The Soul', I had no one to guide me through and spent a while stuck in the deep dark pits of my mind. Luckily, or now I know, guided by my spirit team I met a Reiki Master and then a Shamanic teacher, and I started to embody my gifts fully, I read Genekeys by Richard Rudd and that confirmed my strong feelings, it says my life mission is ”Service to spirit as a compassionate healer and mystic merger“

After four decades in corporate information technology, all the time honing my mystical skills, with numerous courses and certifications in healing, {Reiki Master, Rahanno Celestial energy healer, Shamanic Healer},  in February 2021 I started full-time as the EnglishMystic offering healing energy and meditations, and recently I started teaching with 'Mystical You' and 'Remember You're Magic'



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