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Connecting to Plants through the Elements with Shamanism

connecting to plants through the elements with shamanism Jul 17, 2023

I attended a series of workshops with Lorraine Chamberlain that opened my connection to plants through the elements.

The elements are Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

Each workshop focused on a different element and its relation to the plant beings and explored the cyclical journey of the plant kingdom through the seasons from see to root, leaf to flower and then back to seed.

Lorraine bridged the physical growth journey of the plants to the energetic qualities of the elements and connected the ways that plants can support our spiritual growth cycle, we attuned to plants through guided visualisation, meditations, and healing practices, created herbal preparations and had drum-led shamanic journeys.

We learned about dandelions and created an oil-based salve, drank Oak tree tea, and learned about Oak's history and how the Oak was at the centre of all life, and before the church took over, all marriages were under an Oak tree. 

Lorraine runs other courses and you can contact her by email: [email protected] or mobile 07813 938088 in the Totnes ( Devon ) area.


As part of the weekends, I met some great people and now have a firm connection to plants, I especially had a strong relationship with a group of stinging nettles and loved the dandelion information and even found a dandelion near Machu Picchu in Peru, proving its the one plant/flower that exists on all continents in the world.

I also had a strong connection to the elementals during the FIRE weekend, and in meditation meet a FIRE Couple and a Green Earth Elemental.

I found these images that give a close approximation of what I saw.



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