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denise chadwick Jun 03, 2024


Denise Chadwick is a wayshower; code keeper; key holder; earth grid activator; crystalline grid connector; voice alchemist; light language speaker and writer; energy healer; Reiki Master-Teacher, crystal, and sound healer who works with the Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Rays. 

She transmits Diamond light, Whale, Galactic, Magdalene, Albion, Grail, and Crystal-Light and Source code frequencies of energy and is aligned to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Denise has strong Galactic connections whilst still maintaining her strong connection to Gaia and Gaia’s creatures, nature, and elemental beings. She is strongly aligned with the Dragon realm and has worked with the Angelic, Ascended Master, and Elemental realms since learning reiki in 2001. 

Denise’s connection with the dragons has deepened in recent years. She has been offering monthly Dragon Immersions - gatherings to connect and be immersed in the essence of different dragon energies. She also offers Dragon Readings - guidance plus body readings, where she is shown and connects with the Diamond Crystalline pathways and Crystalline Geometries of the body.

She became a reiki master in 2003 and has been on her path of service since then, leaving her 20-year nursing career in 2004. She is a Reiki master in traditional Usui, Tibetan, Angel, Karuna, Anubis, and Crystal-Light frequencies. The Crystal-light frequency energies she works with activate our crystalline light body with crystal light, Source codes, and Earth Crystalline grid energies.

She creates light-encoded artwork in her #symmetrycreations and light language graphics.

In group work, Denise specialises in guided visualisation meditations with initiations, light language transmissions; attunements; energy transmissions with sound and crystals and is available for these also in one-to-one private and online sessions.


YouTube Inner Peace with Denise: 

YouTube Heartful Living with Denise: 


She can be contacted via email: [email protected]




EnglishMystic - Kev: Denise, thank you for hanging around. You are our last speaker today. It's beautiful to have 3. The power. 3 is always good. So who's Denise? Then? She's that beautiful lady there, that that gorgeous background of the is it? A tree is a tree, isn't it. It's a lot tree of life. She's strongly aligned with dragons, and she's been working with them. What since she's 1st reiki in 2,001, I think, like many of us, it's when you move your frequency through sort of healings the rest of it that the dragons often come in. I find the dragons are. If you don't believe in dragons, you don't get to see them, but once you change your frequency, you start to believe in magic or a certain. That's when they become more available to you. So, Denise, welcome! How are you? On this late Sunday evening.


Denise Chadwick: Thank you. I'm good lovely to be here with you all, and thank you to Karen and Mal mean for their shares as well. So far it's been. It's been a monumental. monumental evening. So thank you, everybody, and thank you. Everybody that's here as well listening. Thank you, Kevin.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Good to see you. So what what would you like to share with us?


Denise Chadwick: Well, I've been feeling into this, and I didn't hugely have anything planned. But there's a few things that have been jotting down as the as the evening has progressed. so I'll share a little bit about how dragons kind of came into my world. and it is hard to remember when they 1st came in, because it just feels like they've always been there on some level. I remember even having a dragon light puppet as a child. So the concept of dragons has has always been there and beginning to do work. Grid work many moons ago. you're kind of aware of the presence of of dragons with you, and I think anybody who does grid work. They're working with dragons, whether they know it or not, because, you know. in in my in my world. The dragons set down all the energy lines like they are. They are dragon lines. You can't really separate the the energy lines from the dragons. I'm and I moved to Australia in 2,004. I'm I'm back in England now, And immediately, when I moved to a place called Byron Bay. I was feeling the presence of the dragons in one on one sessions in healings with people. but I started to write a book for my niece, who was 2 and a half when I left England, and I wanted to give her a little. a little bit of my world in Australia, and I started writing a young adult fiction book. and as the story progressed I realised that it was really about dragons. and there was a beautiful dragon called Morgwin. a kind of semi-retired Welsh dragon that came in. and I won't go into too much more detail about the other dragons and the story. So my relationship with them deepened much more at that time, and that was in 2,006 when I started writing that book.


Denise Chadwick: and interestingly. When I was doing work on the land in Australia. I found that I would call upon one of the characters from the book, which kind of amused me, and I thought, that isn't actually a character that I've made up. That is a real dragon. So. coming back to England, I found myself going to a lot of. I live in North Yorkshire, and there's a lot of very old churches around here that were on sacred sites, and to me the the dragon is very. very connected with the divine feminine energy. and I felt when I was going into the churches and doing. you know, these churches are empty most of the time, and I was drawn in there to do light language, share light language, transmissions in there in the quiet, when there was nobody there. and I was finding, after I'd done that, that I had an awareness of there being dragons under the churches. That were in stasis, let's say. And so the connection it's like we act as keys in these circumstances to unlock the stasis that the dragons are in because they're waiting for humans to be of a particular frequency that they're that they can be kind of awakened. and it's like they have. They have gone to sleep while we were sorting ourselves out as humans and raising our frequency to a certain level. And I find it so interesting that in this year. the year of the Chinese, you know the Chinese year, the Dragon. that so many others are coming online in terms with dragons and dragons are being talked about. It's just much more accepted. 2,012 was the last year of the Dragon 12 years ago, and that was a monumental year as well. So it appears that when it's the year of the Dragon. The big things happen on the planet and I, as well as speaking my language. I. I write like language codes as well, and something I would like to do at some point in this is, share some of those dragon codes with you. So when I draw the codes. I usually do them on a piece of paper, though sometimes I'm using my ipad. Now and then I mirror the image, and it's really interesting to me how many times I'm just very aware of dragons within the image, the same when I mirror perhaps images of the clouds or trees, and I work a lot with elemental energy as well. And and you can see the fairies and these elemental beings showing themselves once you mirror the images callanish stones on the Isle of Lewitz was one place that I took lots of photos of the stones and mirrored the images. And you can just so clearly see these beings on that. I'm so the dragon codes that I'm working with, and I don't know how well you can't really see that. But that's 1 of the images that I'll show you. I was kind of blown away with the dragons that come through, and some of the light language codes feel very dragon as they're coming through. but I don't necessarily expect them to look like a dragon once once they're mirrored. But I'm not really in control of it. I'm just kind of holding the pen and and doing the work for for the dragons. I'm where else to go with this. Think? Yeah, I think I would like to share screen, if that's possible. I think I'd like to do that now, and I would also like to do a little transmission. I have my crystal pyramid with me there, so I feel I would like to do a little transmission. To kind of close close today as as well. I'm. 


EnglishMystic - Kev: Should have access as co-host now to share. Denise Chadwick: So. but oops.


EnglishMystic - Kev: That's it. Yep, we can see it.


Denise Chadwick: Let me just make that


Denise Chadwick: make that


Denise Chadwick: so this one


Denise Chadwick: I made this into like a double image together. So I did. The codes mirrored them, and then I add colors, and I add lights.


Denise Chadwick: And


Denise Chadwick: this in particular, is what really looks like a dragon to me.


Denise Chadwick: I feel like this is like the heart.


Denise Chadwick: You've got kind of the wings at the side.


Denise Chadwick: but I also feel strong whale energy. This always reminds me of a whale tale here, and


Denise Chadwick: these frequencies remind me of kind of jellyfish, but it's also feminine energy and fire


Denise Chadwick: energy.


Denise Chadwick: And this just


Denise Chadwick: I was never sure which way round to put it, because I really liked it that way around, and I could really see the dragon that way round. But then, when I would turn it upside down or the other way around. I could really see, see, like the dragon's tail more clearly down here.


Denise Chadwick: and you get a different being that's showing itself there like this looks like a different face. Perhaps not quite so, dragon.


Denise Chadwick: I'm


Denise Chadwick: yeah. So that's the the 1st code that I wanted to share with you.


Denise Chadwick: And I think, as you're looking at this, you'll have impressions yourself of either what it feels like to you.


Denise Chadwick: but it's kind of.


Denise Chadwick: It's a moving image. It's the way energy


Denise Chadwick: is brought down to the planet. It's the way energy moves around the planet. But it's in a snapshot kind of form.


Denise Chadwick: But if you soft, focus your eyes on this.


Denise Chadwick: you may so kind of see the energy a little bit, and


Denise Chadwick: feel it moving, and and feel


Denise Chadwick: feel it kind of dancing on the screen.


Denise Chadwick: I'm


Denise Chadwick: and this felt almost like the fire of the Dragon. But it feels like there's a bit of


Denise Chadwick: throat center activation that that goes on with this.


Denise Chadwick: I'm


Denise Chadwick: and down here this feels very soloplaxis. This feels like the fire of the belly, the fire of the sun in the, in the solar plexus.


Denise Chadwick: I'm


Denise Chadwick: let me just exit full screen.


Denise Chadwick: This was


Denise Chadwick: another one.


Denise Chadwick: and this really watery.


Denise Chadwick: and I feel with some of these codes like here. This always reminds me.


Denise Chadwick: This feels like moving geometries


Denise Chadwick: when these come through. And again, it's a static image of things that are


Denise Chadwick: moving around


Denise Chadwick: and I often feel like I'm placing myself in the center of this


Denise Chadwick: this, and it's like a healing chamber around me.


Denise Chadwick: This one with the blue and the green, very watery kind of energy.


Denise Chadwick: very throat and heart as well.


Denise Chadwick: These kind of


Denise Chadwick: this always feels very dragon when this


Denise Chadwick: kind of bit comes through.


Denise Chadwick: and these bits here, these always feel quite dragon as well.


Denise Chadwick: I work with the diamond light codes. So the diamonds that are there. That's that's what I feel. Their presence is.


Denise Chadwick: yeah. So that feels like a very nurturing kind of healing chamber to me.


Denise Chadwick: And recently I've been working with the crystalline emerald dragons, and I'll probably talk a bit more about them. But now I'm looking at this code.


Denise Chadwick: this feels really relevant to an event that I'm putting on actually


Denise Chadwick: on the 12th


Denise Chadwick: So it's interesting. I wasn't going to share these, but it was during the call that was like, I'm getting the nudge to to share some of the


light language codes.


Denise Chadwick: And this, yeah, this and this feels very watery, like the wavy lines that that we've got like here that feels


that always feels very watery and magnetic to me.


Denise Chadwick: I'm


and another one I wanted to share


Denise Chadwick: was


so this one.


This one was a code I created for a friend. So I I do commission


work and and draw codes for people.


And then when I mirrored this one.


He! He is such a strong dragon.


and this really felt like his energy and.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Denise, did you? Did you change the image? Because I'm still saying? Still seeing this ready, Goldy, one.


Denise Chadwick: Oh, really, yeah, I've put 2 different ones on.


and let me just stop share.


EnglishMystic - Kev: I think I think the image didn't refresh.


Denise Chadwick: That's interesting.


Let me share screen again.


Can can you see that map.


EnglishMystic - Kev: It just says it's starting to share screen at the moment. It's just a bit slow.


Denise Chadwick: Hmm.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Says you started sharing.


Denise Chadwick: Let me just try again.




anything. There.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Not yet just still says you started sharing.


Denise Chadwick: Yeah, it's saying your screen sharing is pause. But when I click on the green thing that says resume share, it's not actually happening.


let me just stop that.




EnglishMystic - Kev: Technology, a.


Denise Chadwick: Sorry about this. Everybody.


EnglishMystic - Kev: So I think the 1st image was like, no, I just want to show


that's it.


Got a different one. Got a a bluey greenie one. Now.


Denise Chadwick: Yeah. So this is the one that I was just talking talking about, not realizing it wasn't so showing itself.


So this is the one that I was saying. It's like a healing chamber in here.


And these are the bits that I was saying.


They always remind me of like dragon wings. I always feel the strong dragon energy with these, and these are like the geometries that I was mentioning.


yeah, so you can just imagine that you're placing yourself in the center of this, and then


you're you're you're being


presented. You're you're being kind of


merging with with the energy of the codes.


and so I think, rather than just change the image, I will stop, share.


and then go back into it, so


that with me a second.


So I'm available.


Chess screen again.


EnglishMystic - Kev: Got some eggs.


Denise Chadwick: Yeah, so this was


I did this quite a few years ago. I think this is 2019.


So this feels very dragon to me, and


obviously very dragon egg.




I love this code.


So just a gazillion of the Dragon X there


going on into infinity.


and the last one that I will share.


What about this?


See that one?




An orangey one.


Yeah. So this is the one that I was saying that I did this one for


a friend. This was


like a commissioned one


and this one just blew me away when this got came together, and he instantly could see the dragon in there, and could feel his


his energy as dragon index.




and these like these ones, with with the kind of lines that come down. That is how


I kind of perceive energy as as coming down


into Earth's energy field from the cosmos.


And often when I'm doing like language activations on the land, these are the kind of like actions that I'll be doing with my with my body. So it's like I'm writing the actions


on a piece of paper and and just kind of catching it. And again the geometries


down the sides here, and the the diamond light codes.


All right.


so. I work with the Rose Dragons a lot as well, and with the frequencies of of the rows.


When I was tuning into this year, I was getting that the


the rows, the platinum frequency, as well as the gold frequency that I've been working with for a long time.


They were coming in for this year, and the diamond light codes.


and when I work with the dragons. It feels a very crystalline frequency normally of the dragons.


If I tune into my dragon aspect.


the aspect that I feel that I've merged with


is like a white pelescent.


but almost shivering with like




rainbow colors as well.




so I've connected with many dragons I hold monthly


kind of driving gatherings.




recently we've we've connected with the Rainbow Dragons and our Rainbow Lightbody.


the Diamond Matrix Dragons which were new to me


and the ones that are coming in for the next one are the crystalline emerald dragons.


And what I'm feeling for this is that we are going into the emerald waters


beneath Avalon.


and what I'm


told by the Emerald Dragons, and their energy is so very nurturing.


And it feels very linked to abundance to growth.


and what I'm going to do that they are.


They've been keeping these crystalline emerald waters beneath Avalon. Not just Avalon. Many places around the planet.


But they are keeping


the codes and frequencies pure there, and they are the codes of abundance.


superabundance, vitality, health.


I feel like I've missed a word from that and creation as well. And they've been keeping these codes really pure and clear.


And what I'm shown is that they have kind of like created these rings


that we are going to be gifted with on the call.


and through


having this ring on our person, we are being


connected with that pure frequency of the


of those emerald waters, and we're going to go and visit the emerald waters as well.


and Avalon


is strongly linked to Glastonbury. You know Glastonbury is supposed to be the the 3rd dimensional frequency of Avalon




and shown that these waters are like in the 9th dimensional field beneath Avalon.


And that's where we're going to be going on the on the next one. And, interestingly, a friend of mine who'd been tuning into my energy recently.


She could feel. My! There was a real emerald green


aspect to my energy that was new.


Denise Chadwick: and she didn't realise that I've been connecting with the crystalline Arnold Dragons.


but that kind of confirmed to me that already they're kind of merging with my with my field.


So it may well be. I haven't planned what I would like to do


for the transmission.


But it may well be that it's it's these and our dragons that are coming through.


And I'm just going to change my


sound setting. There we go


so that we can hear


the sound from




Is that coming through? Okay.






I mean, I invite us all to bring our awareness to our heart space.


and it feels like we're going to connect with the heart space of these




android dragons. But I'm feeling the presence of the Rose Dragons as well. So just tuning into your own heart space and and just


setting the intention that if you wish to receive these frequencies, that your


heart is open to receive them.


and feeling that energy of pure, unconditional love


from the dragons.


And let's just connect our or extend our heart frequency our heart awareness to the heart of Gaia.


so just connecting in with the new earth templates


that emanate out from Guy's heart.


Let us also extend our heart awareness out to the heart of the sun.


and feeling love and gratitude in our hearts for


the love, the life, the light


that we are given from Gaia and from the sun.


And let's extend our heart awareness out to the cosmic heart.


the universal heart.


and feeling our connection. All of us here live on the call, all of us watching the replay, our connection, our hearts all beating as one within the unified field of love.


And let us invite in


the dragons that we


connect with, that we resonate with.


And let's just together create this unified


field of love of our hearts, but also


with all the dragon hearts that are with us on this call.


And let us beam that beautiful frequency, that love, energy, that heart, energy


to all the sacred sites


on the planet.


to the sites that that Marlene mentioned, and the places that she


is going to be visiting.


and any places that you particularly resonate with I'm seeing in my mind's eye


pyramids of Egypt


and Manchester


and Avalon.


I'm seeing Glastonbury, the tour of Glastonbury.


the sacred sites, the stones of the planet, and seen Stonehenge in Avery.


the culinary stones that we mentioned earlier


on the Isle of Lewis.


Denise Chadwick: and I'm feeling us going into the waters now as well.


and connecting with the crystalline nodules


the crystalline nodes of the planet.


and feeling that collective field


awakening and activating


these nodes and the crystalline.


the crystalline. I've kind of seen crystalline cities beneath


the waters


of the earth.


and there may be a familiarity to you with these places as we connect with these


Tahaya lechia. No kia mukulakia


air can tie at the door in a pui dia


deriante er Nokoyishta


make it idle. At at Arnold


molecular lakit, or Nikia


meek eat at Arnold, east




nikki alai Nakutuid Buruna kita Tai nukui Thai and Nakashu, Ita


Dahar, and Kiki da


me at least


leg here, and nobody devoted it but executive.


We all lai ie.


Toyanakia. Oh, no kia


nikki ILAI NOK


mile, i. IE.


Doyle. Lucky like


oh, I


tia lakie I




tia tia






to Naya


Tehran cool


do yeah.


Is at the iron Gorge on or at the Gap.


Yep, I am not a good day.


my Api




nikiyat, ot, or and Nikipata






UEI, ie.


To Lakia to napu.


Yeah. Lucky. Yeah. He lucky. To go to oyster


meet at Aaron Mckeabu and yeah tata.


But the aist are in the Kievan


cool light at Aaron. Oud.


Yes, tai, la, la la Yay


wished yet at arid. But won't


picky. It's it's


what did the


can you stay? Yeah.


Yet at Aranikia?


so just


bringing our awareness back to our heart space.


feeling gratitude and joy in our hearts as we


give thanks to all of the dragon beings


you've been with us.


Thank you to the waters of the planet.


Thank you to Gaia and the Sun.


and the cosmic heart.


And let us just thank all of us


for our presence here on the call


live and


those in a future. Now moment watching the replay.


Okay, so I'm just


thank you. Everybody. I'm just trying to catch up on the


messages there.


Yeah, the animal like a raccoon. I see that and kind of reminds me of a mass. Some wave mass as well in that one. Yeah. Lion lion always comes in quite, quite strongly as well. Lions and dragons. I just feel that they're so very connected.


So somebody asked about the technique that I use. I don't know if I answered that, but I do tend to draw them by hand. There's an app. I think it's just photo mirror that I used to mirror the images. and then he just goes through various layering processes to add lights to them and colours, and I'm just beginning to play with the iPad with Procreate as well. But I'm kind of a bit slow on that. Really.


Yeah. The dragon head and the eye in the centre, and almost like antenna that were coming out of that Dragon's Dragon's Head. and at some point I will be getting these printed off so I can sell them. But yeah, a bit behind on the old, like technology website, kind of thing.


In terms of translating the light language it for me, it's codes and frequencies that come through. and it's you know, somebody can hear it, and may get a particular message from it. But that message may be different for everybody, because it's so quantum in its nature. And for me, when I'm sharing light language, although you can speak in it. And it's kind of like a telepathic transmission. It's more for purposes of activation within our hearts and within the land, so I can't necessarily translate it. And neither can I say a dialect as such, because it's just frequencies and codes that are being shared. That sounds like words. I really feel when I'm speaking light language, that it's many frequencies coming through at once, but one is more kind of prominent than others, so I didn't notice it so much in this one, but sometimes it almost feels like the dialect can change midword because it it.


Yeah, like, there's often Lyron links in there. There's dragon links in there. But I can't necessarily differentiate them, because they're all kind of coming through at once. If that makes, if that make how that makes sense.


So I would. And it almost feels because it's a heart to heart transmission as well. And sometimes it's our head that wants the translation. So I'd say more to kind of feel it and feel into it. and if you listen again another time it may feel completely different for you as well, because each time you connect with it you will be receiving different codes and frequencies through it. How that makes sense.




oh, thank you, Dana.




so thank you. Everyone who's who's been here for the whole the whole time. It's it's a long call. There's a there's a lot to a lot to take in a lot to absorb.


And just the usual drink, plenty of water, and if you can go out to nature, go to the waters of the planet as well to to kind of share the codes with with nature, and and just for yourself, really to kind of assimilate and integrate the energy. So plenty of water. Any emotions come up for you, just be with them and release them in your own way, whatever that is, whether that's to have do some exercise. Have a good dance, have a good laugh, have a good cry. I would stomp your feet. Journal. Whatever way kind of works works for you.


If anyone feels drawn to it, I haven't quite got the ticket tailor done yet, but the 12th of June is going to be the Emerald Dragons, and I usually do it monthly kind of dragon weave and you can find me on Facebook. And you're going to put all the details, aren't you, Kev, of how to connect with us? Be with me as well.


The drugging page has all of your bios and all of your links out, so I'll share over. And I share the videos as well. I've done quite a few dragon talks, and a couple with Kevin as well, on my YouTube channel, which is in a piece with Denise. There's quite a few different dragon talks on there as well. That might be of interest to you.


Beautiful. Thank you very much.


Thank you. Thank you. Everyone.


Hoo nice a nice long call.


Lots of beautiful people sharing things. So let's let's send Denise lots and lots of love.


Thank you for that.


Thank you for waiting for the other 2 to share as well. Thank you. It's powerful.


Well, it's beautiful to see you.


And I just must plug the fact that in July we've got the Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit. I'm just gonna post that in there. Now. Please do sign up to that we're gonna have 40 speakers, this, actually No. 44 speakers this time. 24 of them are going to be live on the 21st of July. We're going to start in Australia with 8 speakers. Come to the UK with 8 speakers and then head off to the U.S.A. With 8 speakers, and I'm in the process of doing lots of pre records with people. Denise is one of those as well. So it was a beautiful session we had. So yeah, please come along for that. That'd be amazing. Of course we're here every month. And I always say this, these talks don't have to be for half an hour for 20 min. You don't have to play music. You don't have to channel anything. If if you wanna come on 5 min and share how powerful dragons are in your life. That'd be beautiful because there's people like, Claire was saying. She's just starting to get into dragon. So even the smallest bit of information is will be useful to someone. So if you wanna come on and just share a little bit about your dragon journey. don't think you have to be with dragons for 30 years and bring 15 books. You may have just met them recently in a meditation, and they were blue and green, and they said this to you, just come and share that because we're all at different levels. And it's good for everyone to see that we're all at different levels. But we're all working with dragons, and that's that's the important bit. And this, this whole process was asked to be started by the dragons. The dragons control this. I'm I'm just a techie guy that managed to put it all together. But this is the dragons that run this, and they're the ones that call in all these beautiful speakers. So please don't be shy. I don't buy it. No one does send me a message and say, I'm thinking about sharing this. I'm quite happy to have a listen to what you're gonna share and go. Yeah, sounds amazing. Somebody's gonna be interested in that. And maybe what we'll do is have a session one day where we we have lots of people come on and share lots of 5 min sessions, but we're also just started on clubhouse as well. So if you're afraid of being on video, some people were, Marlene was. But she's not anymore. Come to come to clubhouse. Everything's in the Dragon Thunder Summit Group on Facebook. And there's lots of people sharing lots of beautiful things. So I'm sure you'll meet someone that you resonate with. So. It's beautiful to see you. and I hope you have that amazing rest of your days. It's almost bedtime for me, so I need my beauty sleep. I'll be posting all of these on that Monday. So yeah, watch out for your inbox, and I'll I'll share them in the groups, and I'll share them on the portal. And and yeah, so it'll be everywhere. Do check out everyone's links beautiful to see you all. I'll see you all Thursday. Bye, everyone and. Bye, bye. Azaba. Bye.


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