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Dragons in Shamanism & Drum Birthing Ceremony

dragons dragons in shamanism drum drum birthing Jan 31, 2024

In this webinar, I shared Dragons in Shamanism & Drum Birthing ceremony

30th January 2024 - Dragons in Shamanism and Drum Birthing:-

You can see the slide show at:


Dragons come to us for many reasons.

  • Often to wake our Souls up
  • To provide courage in life
  • To help us take the leap of faith
  • To protect us from spiritual attack
  • To remind us of our Magic(k)
  • To help us Heal
  • To help us Heal other people, animals, plants and the planet

 ( notice the ‘e’ additonal from plant to planet! )

First Dragon

The first Dragon I ‘remember’ in this lifetime came to me in April 2017 while I was riding the horse I am the human to.

 It was a WATER Dragon and I have since met them during the creation / Channeling of the Runes of Dragons 


Learn more at

Healing Dragons

The Dragons that I work with during my Shamanic practice provide: 

  • Protection during rituals and ceremonies for me and those Journeying with me
  • Having Healing powers to help me and others
  • Assist in extraction and relocation of energy that does not have its host's best interest at heart

Meet Your Dragon

We can each have a Dragon friend / guide in our lives and the short FREE course at shows you how to meet yours.

The pre-requisite is your believe in Dragons or ideally Know Dragons exist

And you will meet one or many, as nearly a thousand souls have to date.

Dragons are source energy

  • As with all energy they can be friendly or unfriendly to us
  • Each Dragon, like each Human is Unique
  • Like Humans, they come into existence with some core gifts and skills and ways of being, NOT fully defined by colour or elemental definition, though those provide an idea into the Dragon's way of being
  • Like us they are far too complex to be fully defined by physical attributes/elements/signs they are categorised with, and like us, they learn many skills as they grow into maturity

Dragon Thunder

Unless you hid under a rock you will have heard of the Dragon Thunder - Right? NO!

  • Dragon Thunder is a group of individuals who each has a love for Dragons
  • Each working with them in their unique way & not just within shamanism 
  • We come together as a Thunder to assist each other, we have a Facebook group
  • We have a yearly Summit ( online ) - see
  • We have at least one meeting a month ( online ) with guest speakers who share about their Dragons - see

Dragon Runes

Dragon Runes were channeled through me from 27 Dragons. 

I have physical Rune sets in rainbow-coloured aluminum or wooden ones at £88.88 which includes the Runes booklet

The Runes of Dragons course runs in a loop and we visit a Dragon each week and will visit each Rune in turn and call in the Dragon of the Rune. The course runs from rune #1 to #27 in a loop, so you can join anytime, we are at MIND Dragon this week, the Heart-Mind


Drum Birthing:

I birthed my Drum, Freyja and she has three Dragons on her.

Drum 🥁 birthing in my mind has three levels 

1. Your Connection to your drum ; you can do that by seeing and deeply feeling it as a magical tool not only as a sound-making instrument

2. You can birth it in an alternate reality in a Shamanic journey & ceremony and call in it’s Soul 

3. You can birth it in this reality in a ritual with elements, directions, and sun /moon cycles and again call on its Soul Essence 


Drum 🥁 birthing 3rd level: 

Drum Birthing Ceremony

First find a place outdoors that is high, like the top of a hill or mountain, so most of the land around you is lower than you. If you can find a place with a natural or ancient midpoint, like an Oak tree, large rock, or stone circle or row that would be ideal. No worries if not.

Pick the time of day carefully, either the powerful energy of the Sunrise or the just as powerful energy of the Sunset, or if you feel the Drum needs moon energy then pick a cycle of the moon that resonates, New, Full and in between. If you are unsure go on a Shamanic journey to the soul of your Drum (ceremony 2) and ask it when is best to birth it.

On top of the hill/mountain/high area, If you are allowed and if not use a candle inside a lantern ( as I did on Dartmoor ): 

Light a small fire on the points of the compass: 

East, South, West & and North, which represent Fire, Water, Earth, and Air in the Shamanic rituals I practice, making an imaginary circle in your mind with the four points of the compass, or if you can using the circle of ancient stones like I did on Dartmoor.

Ready yourself with your guides and spirit team to hold a space of utter pure light and love

Beat your drum gently and walk around the fires ( lanterns ) in a clockwise direction ( at least twice )

Walk into the centre of the circle and circle around it, still beating the drum gently.

Then walk from the centre of the circle to the East fire and circle it twice.

The sunrise is from the East and brings the new day.

Ask for Learning, Knowledge and Acceptance from the East for the Drum and Yourself.


Walk into the centre of the circle and circle around it, still beating the drum gently.

Then walk from the centre of the circle to the South fire and circle it twice.

Ask for Physical Strength, Stamina and Health from the South for the Drum and Yourself.


Walk into the centre of the circle and circle around it, still beating the drum gently.

Then walk from the centre of the circle to the West fire and circle it twice.

The West is where the sunsets and is the time of our Ancestors

Ask the Ancestors, the past and history for help in the coming times for the Drum and Yourself.


Walk into the centre of the circle and circle around it, still beating the drum gently.

Then walk from the centre of the circle to the North fire and circle it twice.

Ask for Spiritual Powers and related powers from the North for your Drum and Yourself.


Walk into the centre of the circle and circle around it, still beating the drum gently.

And present it to the Sunrise/sunset/moon and call upon the Soul of your Drum to birth into the physical drum. Ask the Soul of the Drum it’s name.

After Birthing your Drum it is now more than a musical tool, it is a Magical item attuned to you and ONLY you can use it to open portals, heal and call upon the powers it has bestowed within it by the East, South, West, North ( Fire, Water, Earth and Air ) - Look after it extremely well, keep warm, dry and love it.

Lady who created my Drum:

I made a rough drawing of the elements I wanted on my dru and she turned that into a beautiful art that no sits on the drum, if you wish to purchased one of her drums see Finland drum maker at


Recordings of ALL the Shamanism Heals

Over the last year, we covered the list of topics below and my idea is to pull all the resources together in a bundle so you can easily access the information as needed, that costs me time and money, so I’d levy a small charge - what would you be willing to pay? to access these and ALL future recordings for Shamanism Heals.

  • Intro to Shamanism, Shamanism Heals, meet our Guardian Angels
  • The Shaman as a bridge between the seen and the unseen
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • Aura Cleanse 
  • Ancestral Healing & Gifts
  • Meet your spirit team
  • Reconnect with Your Dragon 
  • Shamanic tools, Drum, Crystals, Feathers 
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Dragons in Shamanism & Drum Birthing Ceremony

I am also writing a book on Shamanism that will grant the purchaser access to the ‘Shamanism Heals’ offering and the Learn Shamanism course ( which runs for 11 months when done in-person ( over Zoom) ) - so watch out for that launch soon

And I will be sharing Dragon Adventures from my & others

Shamanic journeys with the Dragons - I’ll start writing soon




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