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Mary Armendarez Intuitive Healer, Motivational Speaker and Power retrieval Guide

mary armendarez podcast Feb 07, 2024

Mary Armendarez is a true luminary in the realm of healing intuition, motivation, and power retrieval guidance. Her captivating journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to raising the vibrations of others and helping them unlock their inherent potential.

Over a decade ago, Mary embarked on a profound voyage of self-discovery, shedding the chains of fear and anxiety that once ensnared her. In this transformative period, she found herself graced by the radiant presence of the 12 Archangels from the central sun, who unveiled the transcendent art of Power-Retrieval healing techniques. This revelation marked the dawn of a new life, one characterized by freedom, self-love, and a profound sense of self-mastery.

Today, Mary is on a mission to empower others by unveiling the dormant power within them. Her radiant teachings guide individuals to embrace their inner strength, unlocking the door to boundless possibilities, including freedom, self-love, and abundance.

 Mary's influence extends far and wide, as she has graced the stages of prestigious conferences such as the Conscious Life Expo and New Living Expo. Her remarkable self-healing products have even found their way into the prestigious halls of Nordstrom. Magazines across the country have featured her, and her transformative wisdom is readily accessible on her YouTube channel, where she shares enlightening guided meditations and healing techniques.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mary is an avid explorer of the natural world, often venturing into the great outdoors with her dogs and family. Her dedication to the betterment of others remains unwavering as she continues to teach, using her expertise in Power-Retrieval techniques and her personal guided meditations.

In essence, Mary Armendarez is the embodiment of healing intuition, a dynamic motivational force, and an unparalleled power retrieval coach. Her life's purpose revolves around elevating the vibrations of others and guiding them toward the full realization of their innate power.

Experience the guidance and support of Mary, a skilled Power Retrieval guide dedicated to helping you reclaim your power: Her website:



We talked about Power retrieval and techniques and Mary shared several beautiful exercises you can perform to call back your power each day.

She shared her 5 Earth Element deck, and her colourful candles, and talked about balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

Introducing Mary's 5 Earth Element Deck

Discover the art of establishing your own sacred space by incorporating the elemental forces of earth, fire, air, water, earth, and ether. Through this beautiful practice, you can invite the harmonious energies of DIVINE LOVE into your life. Let me guide you through the process step by step.

Grab your deck and candles here:



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