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sandra pelley Mar 04, 2024


Sandra Pelley is the Dragon Ally and visionary behind "The Dragon Tails" on YouTube. As the visionary of the Guide Academy, she guides you through connecting with your guides, evolving your chakras and discovering your Dragon energy.

Talk on: "Claiming your power and connection with Dragon"


The Dragon Ally and creator of The Dragon Tails on YouTube

As Visionary of the Guide Academy, Sandra Pelley walks in two realities playing with her guides, especially her Little You (aka Inner Child) and the newly discovered Dragon Lord Council. While teaching the core principles to connecting and communicating with your guides, she takes you on a journey. Imagine that childlike part of yourself who found the magic of following dragonflies. As your dragonflies evolve through the chakras, discovering blocks, old habits and creating new habits, you regain the power of Dragon energy. Sandra's personal growth over this past year has been two fold. In choosing to accelerate her spiritual journey she has connected deeply with the Dragon Lord Council. This is an ongoing evolution that she willingly shares on her YouTube channel, Sandra Pelley - The Sandini and the Dragon Tails.

As an intuitive soul, she brings her own experiences into her teachings. Often working in the Quantum space, she steps into a high level of awareness. Her tools facilitate healing for you, over many aspects of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions. Sandra’s Soul Readings are literally spiritual how to’s and a strong confirmation of the tools in her book, “A Spiritual How-To“ which has been one of the cornerstones of what she brings to you and so much more… Whether stepping into singular sessions, working one on one in Sandra’s Vision Quests or her DYI (do it yourself) - A Spiritual How-To, or her Dragon Wheel of Life program, Sandra’s abilities as a galactic shaman and energy chameleon, guide her directly to the epicenters that are ready to heal, resulting in your being able to stand in your own power in health, career and relationships. Come play with your guides and Sandra.


In addition to her special invitation, Sandra is also offering a FREE meditation to help bring your Dragon into your world: 
Would You Like to Meet Your Dragon?

If you have already met your dragon: 
Dragonfly Quiz - the Courageous Inner Beast

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