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Shamanism Heals - 28th May 2024 - Power Animals

power animals May 29, 2024

Shamanism Heals - 28th May 2024 - Power Animals

We talked about power animals and went on a Shamanic journey to meet ours.

Comments from attendees:

I met a mouse for the first time. 
Met my red dragon, then a deer, became the deer, jumped and played with the dragon, dragon subdued me, continued on as a seagull, then an eagle. Then back to the red dragon. A few other animals appeared as well.
These animals came out of the forest, one at a time and walked beside each other: Tiger (primary), Black Jaquar, Bald Eagle, Stag, Raccoon and Otter. They all walked towards me and welcomed me and said, "Call on us, like you do your dragons. We are here to assist." Thanks Kevin!❤️
My power animal was a wolf. He told me he’s always been with me.
I had mother wolf come in when I was sitting in session recently and the whole tribe were there
I met a deer too. She is with me to teach me to be sensitive and to listen to my intuition.

The slideshow can be seen here.


  • Often our spirit guides can show themselves in Animal form
  • They appear in the specific animal form, as it assists part of our lives for them to be in that form
  • For example, a Lion has been with me since birth in this life, a bat joined me along with numerous others to assist my Shamanic healings and Life.


  • How your Power Animal shows is unlimited, if you can imagine it, so they can be:
  • All Earth Animals - Such as Birds, Felines, Sea creatures, Mammals, Insects etc
  • All Mystical - Unicorn, Ogre, Dragon, Phoenix, Mermaids etc

Often your main power animal will have been in your life always, maybe as a favourite toy as a child, or a favourite film.

How do power animals help us?

Having a power animal in your life within the realm of Shamanism is like having a spiritual ally, a guide, and a source of strength rolled into one fuzzy, feathery, or scaly package.

Here are some of the benefits:

Protection: Your power animal acts as a guardian spirit, protecting you from negative energies and influences. It's like having a personal bodyguard in the spiritual realm, ensuring your safety and well-being.

Guidance: Power animals are wise and intuitive beings. They offer guidance and wisdom, helping you navigate life's challenges and make decisions that align with your highest good. Whether you're facing a tough decision or seeking clarity, your power animal can offer valuable insights and perspective.

Strength and Empowerment: Just like their name suggests, power animals embody strength and empowerment. By connecting with your power animal, you tap into their energy and resilience, bolstering your own courage and confidence. They remind you of your own inner strength and help you overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

Healing: Power animals are often associated with healing energies. They can assist in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing processes, providing comfort, support, and vitality. Whether you're recovering from an illness or seeking emotional balance, your power animal can lend their healing energies to facilitate your journey. 

Connection to Nature: Power animals are deeply connected to nature, embodying the spirit of the animal kingdom. By forging a relationship with your power animal, you deepen your connection to the natural world and all its wonders. This connection fosters a sense of harmony, reverence, and respect for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Spiritual Growth: Working with your power animal is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and development. They challenge you to expand your awareness, overcome limitations, and embrace your true potential. Through their guidance and companionship, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Joy and Playfulness: Many power animals bring a sense of joy, playfulness, and lightness to your life. They remind you not to take yourself too seriously and to embrace the magic and wonder of existence. Whether it's through frolicking with a playful otter or soaring with an eagle, your power animal infuses your life with joy and laughter.

Overall, having a power animal in your life enriches your spiritual journey, providing guidance, protection, healing, and empowerment along the way. 

They are cherished allies on the path of Shamanism & Life, supporting you as you navigate the complexities of existence and strive to live in harmony with the world around you.


I have powerful animal spirit guides in the form of Dragons. 

The first Dragon I ‘remember’ in this lifetime came to me in April 2017 while I was riding the horse I am the human to.

It was a WATER Dragon and I have since met them during the creation / Channeling of the Runes of Dragons 

 Learn more at 

 We can each have a Dragon friends / guides in our lives and the short FREE course at shows you how to meet yours.

The pre-requisite is your believe in Dragons or ideally Know Dragons exist

And you will meet one or many, as nearly a thousand souls have to date.


Unless you hid under a rock you will have heard of the Dragon Thunder - Right? NO!

  • Dragon Thunder is a group of individuals who each has a love for Dragons
  • Each working with them in their unique way & not just within shamanism 
  • We come together as a Thunder to assist each other, we have a Facebook group
  • We have a yearly Summit ( online ) - see
  • We have at least one meeting a month ( online ) with guest speakers who share about their Dragons - see


Do join us at the Galactic Dragon Thunder Summit 2024 on the 21st July






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