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Dragon Hour - Barbara and EnglishMystic

dragon hour Oct 11, 2023
Dragon Hour - Barbara and EnglishMystic

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What the EnglishMystic offers: 

Energy Healings with EnglishMystic:

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Shamanic healing sessions x3 (£300)

  •  Ancestral wounds healing & gift embodiment: Healing ancestral traumas and embracing ancestral gifts for personal growth.
  •  Aura cleanse: Clearing and balancing the energy fields around the body.
  •  Black Mirror: A tool for scrying and divination to access deeper insights.
  •  Channel prayer: A form of communication with spiritual beings or higher powers.
  •  Chakra cleanse & healing: Balancing and aligning the body's energy centres.
  •  Crystal healing: Using crystals to facilitate physical and emotional healing.
  •  Dismemberment healing: A symbolic process of disassembling and reassembling oneself for healing & transformation.
  •  Distance healing: Sending healing energy to a person or situation remotely.
  •  Dragon spirit guide connection: Establishing a connection with dragon spirit guides for wisdom and guidance.
  •  Drum frequency healing: Healing through the rhythmic vibrations of drums.
  •  Egg healing: Using an egg for healing and protection.
  •  Feather healing: Working with feathers for energy clearing and healing.
  •  Grounding: Connecting with the Earth's energy to balance and stabilise oneself.
  •  Sacred water creation: Blessing and using water for spiritual purposes.
  •  Intrusion tunnel: A shamanic journey to remove intrusive energies or past trauma.
  •  Plant healing: Working with the healing properties of plants for physical and spiritual well-being.
  •  Power animal connection: Forming a bond with a specific animal spirit for guidance and strength.
  •  Psychopomp: Guiding spirits of the deceased to the afterlife.
  •  Rattle frequency healing: Healing through the sound and vibrations of a rattle.
  •  Shamanic journeying to connect to body protector: Connecting with a protective spirit for safety and guidance.
  •  Shamanic journeying to connect to full shamanic temple: Accessing a spiritual sanctuary for wisdom and transformation.
  •  Shamanic journeying to lower world: Exploring the subconscious and connecting with animal spirits.
  •  Shamanic journeying to middle world: Journeying to the physical world for guidance and insight.
  •  Shamanic journeying to spirit teacher: Meeting spiritual mentors for learning and growth.
  •  Shamanic journeying to upper world: Reaching higher realms to connect with celestial beings.
  •  Smudge healing: Cleansing and purifying energies using sacred smoke.
  •  Soul retrieval: Recovering lost parts of the soul for healing and wholeness.
  •  Soul song: Expressing the essence of one's soul through music or vocalisation.
  •  Spirit guide connection: Establishing a connection with guiding spirits for support and wisdom.
  •  Stone healing: Using the energy of stones for healing purposes.
  •  Vision quest: A spiritual journey into nature, or one of the Shamanic ‘worlds’, to seek guidance and insight.


These practices cover a wide range of shamanic healing and spiritual connection techniques. 

A healing session will often include a number of these rituals, the idea is to ensure the mind, body & soul are in balance.

If you have any questions or would like to delve deeper into any of these topics, feel free to ask!

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